Bloomington minus 2 aldermen

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington managed a 44 minute meeting last night. Only 7 of the 9 Alderman were present:

If you listened to the roll call you wouldn’t know who was missing because the Clerk only called the names of those present! (That’s not a roll call) If you can’t tell, Sheila Montney and Mollie Ward did not attend.

Nothing was pulled from the Consent Agenda, so the only business was approving handing $150,000 from American Rescue Plan money to Carle for a mobile medical unit that will serve areas of McLean County needing medical services but find it difficult. Of course it was approved.

Even though she voted to hand the Ecology Action Center money by voting for the Consent Agenda, Donna Boelen commented later that she could not find a report from EAC on what they have accomplished. She wants all non-profits the City funds with your money to justify the expense before coming back every year for more. Good. Just hit Play to hear her comment.

I watch most meetings on my TV. If I tune in a minute early a screen says something like “Waiting for meeting to start”. The one last night showed the meeting would start at 11:00 pm. Maybe that’s when Montney and Ward showed up. Chuckle for today:

Celebrate! No Committee of the Whole meeting next week. Unfortunately the Agenda and Packet from last night are missing from the website. Somebody is redesigning, how about improving it instead! Searching for information is ridiculous.

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