Normal tonight and something you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin

See tonight’s packet here:

Besides other items, Normal will be giving $100,000 from ARPA funds to Carle for the Mobile Clinic that Bloomington already passed giving $150,000 for.


Normal has an undated Social Media policy:

If the Town’s public comment policy doesn’t prove to you Normal does not want to hear your opinions, this policy should confirm it. Waiting until the undetermined end of a Council meeting regardless of how long that might be proves Normal doesn’t care. They hope you get tired and leave.

Commenting on a Town of Normal social media post is no different than public comment. See this excerpt from the policy:

Pam Reece can order your comment removed! Deleting comments the Town doesn’t like is just like erasing you from public comment on video.




2 thoughts on “Normal tonight and something you need to know

  1. Your blog and Normal’s antics are going around Rivian. I know people who have chosen to buy homes with the criteria of anywhere but in Normal. Even “new arrivals” want a government that listens.

  2. King koos and queen pam don’t want any interference in their fiefdom. They intend to rule over the people, and disrespect the voters at every turn. They feel nothing but contempt for the residents of Normal, and they proved it by not fixing the brown tap water issue asap. If brown water had been coming out their kitchen faucet you can be sure the problem would have been taken care of immediately.

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