Kathleen Lorenz

By:  Diane Benjamin

Steve Suess interviewed Kathleen Lorenz for his entire Sunday show.  Actually Kathleen did most of the talking.

This is a must listen to discussion.  I am not going to comment until Stan Nord is on the same show next Sunday.  I refuse to be accused of feeding Stan talking points, he has plenty of his own.  We just happen to usually think alike.

One hint: Kathleen is very opposed to putting a Yes or No question about Districts on November’s ballot.

One more hint:  She REALLY doesn’t like Stan.

The Steve Suess Show

18 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz

  1. Kathleen is filled with HATE. I cant believe she said that she loves conflict. She is always berating Stan to create conflict. Her personality is exactly the opposite of what we need in government.


  2. I’ve known two-faced people in my life but Kathleen takes the cake. She demonstrates, on a regular basis, how ugly and hateful she can be. Those are two qualities the leftists admire about her. They do not seek out people of integrity. They needed someone to lie and pretend to be a republican and she was only too happy to oblige. Hopefully the voters can see by now that Kathleen lacks character and feels nothing but contempt for them.


  3. Kathy is professional politician. Trump derangement syndrome is real. Only with the Normal Town Council it’s Nord Derangement Syndrome and Kathy has the worst case of it of anyone on the Normal Town Council. And, that’s saying something with that bunch.


  4. Kathleen Lorenz is the Nancy Pelosi of Normal. Except that Nancy is honest enough to tell people she is a Democrat while Kathleen is a RINO.


  5. Kathleen is disingenuous, to put it politely.
    Steve should interview a Bloomington Alderman to hear what it is really like to govern with a Ward system.

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  6. This whole petition to move Normal to a ward system is going to get interesting. Especially when Erik Rankin’s students realize that the current system is designed to shut ISU students out of the process along with a whole lot of other people. Wonder how this will go for Koos if his core constituency of leftest voters turn against him or if out of loyalty to him they’ll pass over this issue.

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  7. Another example of why BN goes nowhere. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. The Chicago area condensing attitude reminded me of the college know-it-alls in the seventies. The woman is blatantly defensive and like most in BN can’t stand to be challenged. Also amusing was her intentional use of million dollar words in an effort to illustrate her superior intelligence to that of the interviewer. When people run.for office at any level, you are going to get it from the other side. You can tell Nord lives rent free in all of their brains. The Elitist Clique is alive and well in BN just like it has been. Nothing changes because that is the plan and always has been.


  8. Lorenz opposes anything Nord says or brings up. Nord has had a consistent message that the council is vindictive against those who dare to disagree. Her interview validated all his accusations.

    I am embarrassed I wasted one of my votes on her.


  9. Kathleen is getting treated unfairly here. Before you criticize her and more, you need to realize that she is just a loyal puppet of Pam and Koos. She is one of their best decoys and you have targeted her instead of them.


    1. She treats Stan Nord unfairly. Her big mouth abd histrionics should earn her an Emmy award. It is shameful the way she misbehaved. Her arrogance is bottomless.


  10. This interview is disgraceful. The only thing certain in Kathleen’s mind is that she hates Stan Nord. She’s an unstable emotional wreak, unfit for public service.


    1. She’s very unstable with her hatred of Stan. I used to work for cities and anytime Stan was on she was blowing up the text line lol. Sad


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