Tri-Valley: Mouser gets SCHOOL CHOICE, you don’t

By: Diane Benjamin

I received a tip that before David Mouser left Tri-Valley for his new job as Superintendent of District 87 he got approval allowing the children of employees to attend Tri-Valley even if they don’t live in the District. His wife works at Tri-Valley, the family moved probably because District 87 thought their head guy should live in the district.

The information about meetings Tri-Valley has on line is sketchy at best, so I FOIA’d the meeting packets for April, May, and June. Before sending those packets the District Administrative Assistant, Karen Ijams, asked if I was looking for something specific, I told her I just wanted to see what the Board saw before voting.

The documents aren’t searchable, so finding information is ridiculous. I couldn’t find anything about students of parents working for the District being allowed to attend, so I asked her that questions on July 27th:

I received a response on August 1st, I suggest those paying property taxes to fund Tri-Valley Schools sit down before reading:

Tri-Valley made a waiver request on March 16, 2022 with the Illinois State Board of Education:

District requests to allow non-resident full-time licensed employees of
the district to enroll their children in school without paying tuition.

Mouser was named the new Superintendent in November 2021 but didn’t start that job until July 1, 2022. Mouser obviously wanted his 2 kids to stay at Tri-Valley, no surprise they probably wanted to.

Look at your Tri-Valley property tax bill. The Mouser family is no longer paying the school district to educate their kids. Everyone living in Tri-Valley’s School District is paying to educate their kids. (including me)

So, how much is David Mouser being charged to send his kids to Tri-Valley? The same minimal amount every student pays:

It gets better however. The waiver Tri-Valley received is good for 5 years. That is enough time for Mouser’s 2 kids to graduate.

District 87 isn’t good enough for Mouser’s kids?

Dr. Mouser arranged SCHOOL CHOICE for his kids – yours are stuck going to school by zip code.

This must be Equity! Elites get to decide what is best for their kids, but you don’t. EVERY parent deserves to send their kids to the school that is best for their children. Only the Mousers have that right now. I expect other families of licensed employees may also take advantage of this waiver in the future. Did you notice the waiver only applies to “licensed” employees?

School Board elections are early next year. Packets for candidates will be available in late August. Tri-Valley needs school board members who represent the taxpayers, not elites.

Is that you?

If you want to see the packets I received since they aren’t on line:

8 thoughts on “Tri-Valley: Mouser gets SCHOOL CHOICE, you don’t

  1. I wish I were surprised by “Dr Mouser” bending the rules for his own benefit, but I am not surprised.

    I am expecting to hear his name a lot more once school starts….

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  2. I was told on good authority by a conservative commenter on this blog that I have no business worrying about how other people raise their children unless I pay for part or all of said child’s upbringing. This seems like an exception to that rule. Who gets to decide these exceptions? Seems a bit hypocritical to me to care this much about how David Mouser raises his kids when other people get told it’s wrong to do that. With hypocritical attitudes like this, it’s no wonder the IL GOP is always playing catch up. You’re never gonna win trying to beat the Demonrats at playing the “How Much Of A Hypocrite Are You?” game.

    OT – Abolish all illegal taxes and that should take care of your problem, since taxes are theft anyway.


  3. Wow! Unbelievable! He’s happy to take an obscenely exorbitant salary from District 87 taxpayers, but does not want his children in District 87 schools? Elitism on display.

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