How many Illinois School Districts believe in School Choice for employees, but not for YOUR kids?

By: Diane Benjamin

School Districts request waivers of tuition so out-of-districts students don’t have to pay tuition to attend. The requests are usually for multiple years and for children of District employees, some like Tri-Valley requested a waiver for only children of licensed staff.

This is a follow-up to this story, I wanted to see how many other school district have requested waivers:

Your kids get assigned a school by zip code, others get to pick where their kids go. These are the same people against giving you School Choice.

All of the waivers requested can be seen on this website:

Look for: Waiver of School Code Mandates. Districts request waivers for all sorts of things, you have to search again for tuition waivers. You will see requests from Olympia, Clinton, Peoria, East Peoria and other area districts. I didn’t see any recent requests from District 87 or Unit 5.

Start on page 10 of the file below, these are just tuition waivers from Spring of 2022 (31 School Districts). A new report will be issued this fall.

See the 2021 Spring and Fall waiver requests below. Spring has 29 requests, Fall had 49.

In just 18 months 109 District requested waivers. Parents deserve to have their own Waiver Requests. Your children shouldn’t be stuck in woke schools because of where you live.






One thought on “How many Illinois School Districts believe in School Choice for employees, but not for YOUR kids?

  1. Cynic that I am, I believe if this practice was abolished, the SB would just find a way to compensate the employee for the cost by stealing the money from us anyway.

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