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By: Diane Benjamin

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Not only did Pam Reece try to hide information that would have been nothing without her deception, she signed an agreement that violated FOIA laws. This statement is in the agreement:

Very little government does can legally be hidden from citizens. This statement should never have been in the agreement because the settlement doesn’t come close to being exempt from disclosure. That $2000 was TAXPAYER money, spending it is required to be transparent. It shouldn’t have taken a FOIA to find out what it was.  I wonder if one of the parties is now going to sue for disclosing confidential information (that isn’t). 

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”.

Thomas Jefferson

Normal needs districts and people who know their job is stand between government and those paying the bills. At-Large Trustees are obvious failures.

You can listen to Kathleen Lorenz on the Steve Suess show here:

Lorenz doesn’t see a problem and won’t admit hiding this information was wrong.







10 thoughts on “WOW! Lots of downloads! Did you see this?

  1. Normal’s police have no spine to stand up to Pam making payoffs with taxpayer money to cover up her staff’s wrongdoing. When the license plate cameras get abused I expect Pam will cover those up in similar fashion and the police will turn a blind eye AGAIN!

    I support the police who actually have a spine to call out internal wrongdoing. It is stupid coverups like this that make even “back the bluers” distrust the police. Pam did all this to avoid a little embarrassment.

    I’m sure since Koos’s sister is the ACLU rep this ADA Rights violation and coverup will be ignored by them too.

    If Sandage did this, the Democrats would be flipping their $hit. Since Pam is one of Pritzker’s best soldiers the Democrats will be as blind to this as Pam’s police.

  2. “Political policing is a specific type of police work. Its goal is to maintain the political status quo. Political police forces protect a state or government from subversion, sabotage, or coup. They use surveillance and intelligence gathering. These methods help them identify domestic threats against the government. Political police forces are sometimes referred to as “secret police.” Authoritarian states, such as the Nazi regime, often rely on them to maintain and protect their power.”

    Pam used the police to identify and punish restaurants and diners who dared eat inside against, her fehurers’ orders, Pritzker and Koos.. She pays off people who could disrupt her power and the political status quo. She is setting the police up to I.D. people’s politics through the permitting and enforcement of her political sign policy. Normal’s police are an extension of Pam’s fist.

    The above quoted definition is from the holocaust encyclopedia.

    1. You are completely correct. Remember when kooskoos and queenpam told the police to “stand down” when Target was being looted? Criminals were allowed to rob the store while the police simply observed. And kooskoos stood off in the distance and supervised. They knew he was there to make sure they didn’t step out of line and actually arrest each and every criminal.

  3. $2,000 seems cheap for such an egregious violation of civil rights. I hope the Bailey’s get a good attorney and make sure that Normal actually met all the terms of that agreement.

    1. Excellent point. I hope so too. Hopefully someone who reads this can tell them to hire a good attorney with the money to sue queenpam. That would be perfect.

  4. We moved her because of a job and follow your blog because you occasionally write about our employer. We are so grateful we decided against buying a house in Normal. I can’t believe all the corrupt stuff that is allowed to go on there, we never heard this happening where we moved from. Now we just need to figure out how to get our kids out of Normal schools.

    1. There are private schools and Homeschooling co-cops. Homeschooling has really grown over the last 2-3 years. Unit 5 is no longer the exceptional school district they were 30 years ago. They ride on the coat tails of that success, but, are most certainly not delivering. Proficiency in reading in math is poor. Their main objective now is brainwashing and indoctrination. It’s bad enough that they signed on to the Diversity Equity Inclusion crap. It’s also bad that they are also a school district which signed onto “Democracy Schools.” But the absolute worst part is that they have adopted the Comprehensive Sex Education, National Sex Education Standards. Their goal is to destroy Childhood Innocence and destabilize children. It’s positively disgusting. Here’s a brief account from a current student at Normal West HS. She feels like the odd one out, being a regular, straight, female. That gives you an indication of she must be seeing every day at school.

    2. @Newbie – Whether you successfully rescue your kids from Unit 5 or not, please don’t walk away entirely. Support board candidates that will help fix things for students that cannot escape. Vote against the upcoming tax increase to be used to fund further institutional child abuse. And Talk To Others About It!
      @Fedup – Your comment implied you had a link vs just one sentence about the West student? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to hear more.

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