Is truth too difficult for Pam Reece?

By: Diane Benjamin

This payment was in the 8/1/2022 Normal Town Council packet:

Note the $2000 was paid from Pam Reece’s discretionary funds. Since it was paid from her funds, she should know why it was paid.

Watch this exchange that happened at the meeting. Pam can’t remember what the $2000 payment was for, she even asked a member of the “professional staff”, no response.

I FOIA’d documentation for the payment.

First, this group was involved in the settlement:

There is more to this story I do not know and don’t plan to FOIA further. Below is what I do know from the Resolution Agreement agreement Pam Reece signed on 7/19/2022 – only 13 days before she “couldn’t remember” what the payment was for:

Not only did Pam Reece sign a document agreeing to a $2000 settlement, she obligated the police department to comply with ADA requirements in the future. She forgot? Why was the settlement paid from HER funds instead of the Police Department funds?

What else does Pam Reece “forget”? Why the lack of transparency? Is truth too difficult? The Council isn’t a Board of Directors as most claim, they are Pam Reece’s boss. Obviously most don’t take that job seriously. Citizens aren’t stupid, Normal’s attempt to always look perfect because they have “professional staff” destroys confidence in their ability to handle anything. Reece could have explained what happened and it wouldn’t have been an issue. Lying about not knowing makes her look deceptive.

If you have never watching a Normal Town Council meeting you probably aren’t aware of how many times we hear “professional staff” mentioned. The people paying the bills aren’t suppose to question them.

See the Resolution here:

11 thoughts on “Is truth too difficult for Pam Reece?

  1. queen and/or kooskoos calls the shots, for the police department . They are not allowed to function independently of her or his interference. Most people have no idea that she or he has that much input with lay enforcement. I’ve seen it twice in 2 particular situations that I’m familiar with. As far as queenpam being deceptive. I’ve come to expect it. If she’s breathing, she’s being deceptive, dishonest, vindictive, etc.

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  2. Gee, I thought the Normal Town Council made a contribution to the Darren Bailey campaign out of Pam’s slush fund. Silly me. I should have known better.

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  3. As soon as Nord brings up that it would appear Reece knew what this was considering her actions within the last two weeks, Koos or his attack dogs will attack Nord as if he is trying to smear Reece.

    If an admin making $200k+ who was actively working this claims they can’t remember the situation, it would be hard for me to believe that person isn’t lying or incompetent.

    It would be a great 2-3 min listen if a Normal citizen brought this up during Public Comment because It is germane to the agenda.

    I wonder if Sandage could be called to the meeting to arrest Koos if he is openly violating the law not to let the person speak.

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    1. I have personally witnessed Koos not only blatantly disrespect the people of Normal, but actually break laws in the course of Town Council meetings. That being said, as best I can tell their current public comment policy is a slap in the face of the Spirit of the open meetings act, but it complies with the letter of the law, so Koos would not be subject to arrest even if local enforcement agencies were inclined to do so.


  4. I hope someone sues your pants off for putting this confidential agreement up on your blog. For shame. If I was Mary Baily I’d be furious. Apparently you don’t know the meaning of “confidential”.


  5. Excuse me, you don’t care who you hurt. It’s all a game to you. This was a mediated settlement which was confidential. You just disclosed that Mary Bailey along with another man was arrested by Normal Police Department. The fact that the mediation ended with $2,000 payout is cheap. How much money would Mary Bailey get if she sued the Normal Police Department? Apparently Pam Reece knows the meaning of “CONFIDENTIAL” and you don’t.


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