Update: Why At-Large Elections are “the oldest trick in the book”

If you want to listen to Kathleen Lorenz’s interview with Steve Suess, it isn’t on the Cities 92.9 website. Use this link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5IPYpDxgHmOmQeJJ4XMjt3

By: Diane Benjamin

The referendum question has enough verified registered voter signatures to be on the November ballot. I doubt that will stop the “elites” from challenging them. The article below explains why. It is one of the many resources on the BetterNormal-Il website explaining why Districts are better: https://betternormal-il.com/related-articles



If you want to rig a local election, there’s an easier way than stuffing a ballot box, gerrymandering a district, or amassing a campaign war chest to scare off challengers. Have your city or county adopt winner-take-all “At-Large” voting, where, instead of using districts, all or most council or school committee candidates must run “at large, city or countywide.

Please read this story and others on the website to be informed!

One note: When Kathleen Lorenz was on the radio with Steve Seuss she claimed to know the Town because she has to collect 500 signatures. So, once every 4 years she gets to neighborhoods other than her own. She proved why Districts are needed without realizing it. Listen here: https://blnnews.com/2022/08/01/kathleen-lorenz/

9 thoughts on “Update: Why At-Large Elections are “the oldest trick in the book”

  1. Peoria, and Chicago all have wards. Illinois has congressional districts, house districts, and senate districts. Why not Normal?

  2. I’ve told others about the effort to institute wards here in Normal. The first question was about the city size. The second was why haven’t they implemented it?

    It doesn’t make any sense.

  3. The only reasons I have heard people don’t want this are;
    1) The current folks in power will have to share it.
    2) Stan Nord supports it.
    WGLT’s articles are pushing reason #2 as the reason people should vote NO. They are literally fueling people to hate Stan Nord.
    If anyone but Stan was behind this, then this would be a slam dunk.

  4. The elites little fiefdom would be threatened, is the real reason they hate this. They are simply piling their anger on a scapegoat. Kingkoos, queenpam, and their ilk don’t want anyone to get in the way of spending us into oblivion, exorbitant taxation, and inevitable collapse. It is the very same thing obiden and company is doing at the federal level. It is the very same thing pigster and company is doing at the state level. Open your eyes. Vote.

  5. “Their way” keeps it all nice and cozy, and homogeneous (to a great extent) The little “day trips” (which are more like 2-3 hours or so) they take now and then out of their little area doesn’t do a thing to help them truly understand the other areas. The problems are different when you actually LIVE them, and, they have no intention of living them, nor of having anyone not like them at the parties/meetings.

  6. Kathleen Lorenz often comments disdainfully about the “underbelly” of Normal…whatever she means by that. I’d say she doesn’t want to associate with the “underbelly.”

    1. Kathy’s definition of the “underbelly” of Normal, straight from her mouth is, “Diane Benjamin and her ilk.” To which Kathy would say on Cities 92.9, “Did I really say that?” Yes, Kathy you have and more importantly, you think it. In case you haven’t heard, she’s a numbers and process person. She went to Purdue and is a mechanical engineer. Kathy and her “ilk” are the only ones qualified for city government in the town of Normal. Her greatest fear is more “fringe” candidates like Stan Nord getting elected under a ward system. Which is why I support it. If it pisses Kathy off, then it’s probably a good thing for Normal. If nothing else it’s cheep entertainment.

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