Bloomington’s short meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Short meeting last night, there was nothing worth writing about in advance.  Off course the meeting was.more interesting than the agenda predicted.

One public comment speaker couldn’t understand why time wasn’t extended for cannabis comments when it had been extended previously for other items.  That’s too easy:  Nobody had anything new to say, everything had been said over and over and over.  No Council members minds would have changed.  End of story!  See Tari smiling like a cheshire cat at 16:30 right before she spoke.

Lutz road is finally going to get fixed.  Jenn Carrillo proved again she is clueless.  Listen to Jenn at 16:00 them keep listening for Donna Boelen’s list out out why she is wrong.  The vote was 8-1, that should tell Jenn something (it probably won’t).

The meeting was 45 minutes, a lot of that time was spent welcoming 3 new fire fighters who after 1 year passed probation.  Post meeting comments took up another 10 minutes.

Maybe Jenn can explain why she was wearing a shirt saying “Free the Homies”.  Is she leading the “No Bail” movement?  It’s working great in New York Jenn, they are releasing murders within 24 hours.  Is that the goal?  The real story is government doesn’t want to pay for essential services, it uses to much of their FUN money.  Illinois will likely follow New York.

7 thoughts on “Bloomington’s short meeting

  1. No doubt Jenn feels the vote against her wishes was racially motivated. FYI the point she needed the burn cream was at 26:00. She was so far off base one wonders if she is not trying just to try to seem relevant. I do agree with her free the homies shirt although: 1) it has no business being worn at a council meeting and 2) free them only if they go back to really where they came from such as Chicago and south of the border (where they illegally crossed). The rest should be put directly under her supervision and she be held responsible for their actions.


  2. Seems that EVERY TIME Jenn opens her mouth, she CONFIRMS what the rest of us have already observed, she’s a complete idiot! IF you look up the definition of “homie” it’s a a close FRIEND (one of HER voting pool ) OR one’s peer in the “neighborhood” or a gang member. SOMEONE NEEDS to put a dress code in place for items such as this. MR TARI??

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    1. One of Jenn’s homies was the public speaker who questioned the Council vote on not extending public comment at the December 16 meeting…Olivia Butts is “in charge” of the local BLM. She was dressed better than Jenn.

      Jenn didn’t feel she could justify spending $$ for a “certain population” (race/class bias) when the West Side is ignored. The Downtown is in Ward 6, Jenn’s Ward. Millions of taxpayer dollars are spent downtown every year!!

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  3. Pantagraph, Corn Belt Bank, Snyder Bldg., Elks, Front and Center, C2 East, etc.. ALL in Jenns ward,
    ALL EMPTY. And she stands for marijuana! Her moral compass is so messed up, I’m amazed she can find her way down her front steps..

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  4. Jenn continues to act and conduct herself in an incredibly unprofessional manner and is extremely disconnected from reality. However, her supporters are well-organized and her actions are likely much more choreographed than we may think.

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  5. If you read the employee guidelines , Jen’s shirt is in violation of employee dress code. Wanna bet there will be no discipline ?


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