BCPA and Coliseum reports MIA

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jamie Mathy urged citizens to look at the upcoming shows at the BCPA during Aldermen comments at last night’s Council meeting.  He claimed a show that costs $100 in Chicago could be only $30 here.  See upcoming events:  https://www.artsblooming.org/events/calendar

Meanwhile, the last event report posted for the BCPA was a show held in mid November: https://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1784

bcpa nov

The last event report posted at the Coliseum is dated 11/23/19.  https://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1694

A tab has yet to be created for 2020.  https://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-416

col eventMaybe no events have taken place.  They do have some upcoming events:  https://www.grossingermotorsarena.com/events-and-tickets/calendar

I will continue to say:

  • government isn’t qualified to be in the entertainment business
  • since government is, citizens deserve accountability

Citizens were failed at the Coliseum.  Most the Council, the Mayor, and previous City Manager didn’t care about obvious problems when CIAM managed the it.  Citizens still have no justice since the trials have been delayed numerous times.

The BCPA and Creativity Center are no better.  Taxpayers are paying a fundraiser but  aren’t allowed to know how much she raised.  Brilliant.  It takes months to get event reports which aren’t even complete.

Repeat:  Government isn’t qualified to be in the entertainment business!

The BCPA and Creativity Center should be given to the Friends of the BCPA.  Both would fold within a year.


7 thoughts on “BCPA and Coliseum reports MIA

  1. Mathy is lost. The BCPA appeals to a very small group of elitists who believe they are cultured or want to appear as though they are cultured. Telling us citizens it’s a good deal compared to a show in Chicago is a ludicrous argument. 1) The quality of a show and the theater experience is much different in BN versus Chicago i.e. you get what you paid for; 2) BCPA is competing with other local entertainment opportunities for the $30 of disposal income in people’s pockets like the movie theaters in town, not another theater in Chicago. The BCPA supporters and Downtown pompom cheerleaders truly believe that they can increase the number of people that go to the BCPA. They also talk down about people that don’t go to BCPA events or that question government support for the BCPA.

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  2. BCPA gets nekked idiots, Chicago gets Rolling Stones, Peoria gets Bob Seger last tour (sold out by the way),
    Moline even has better shows then the BCPA or the Markoarena! HOW IS IT that even Moline can get better shows? MANAGEMENT.. The “beautiful people” here have NO connections in the entertainment business OR they have made them mad in the past so they will not come here OR the Arena is a FLOP, and don’t /cannot afford to pay these GOOD shows! As is the BCPA. The Masons had better shows there then the current “management” ever has had.
    Meanwhile Taris toilet flows over and Jenn takes another toke.. We’re screwed!
    Save your Christmas trees folks, as they’ll be on the curb next year anyway—RECYCLE-it’s SUSTAINABLE!

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  3. Seems the trial delays seem to have this as a way to get the underlings to take sweetheart deals. After more time has passed, the bosses of the schemes take really reduced plea deals with no jail time because this is out of the public mind and everyone else has been wrapped up for ages.

    If they have the cooperating witnesses and the documents, either do a take-it or leave-it plea deal and move to trial.

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