Fireworks, spending $230 million wasn’t a problem though

By:  Diane Benjamin

With barely a peep the Bloomington City Council passed a huge budget tonight.  Did you know that NO CITY in the world is laying people off because that would cause the unemployment rate to rise?  Did you know just because an item is budgeted that doesn’t mean it will get done?  Somebody tell Normal, they think the budget is gospel.

Video and details tomorrow!

The first alderman comment went to Kimberly Bray.  She made a motion to adjourn.  Mboka Mwilambwe seconded it.  Jeff Crabill had requested to speak next.  Obviously Bray thought he was going to push his socialist agenda again.

Jenn Carrillo throw a hissy fit that turned out to be useless.  Attorney Jeff Jurgens stated the motion was in order.  After Bray and Carrillo went back and forth at each other with Tari chiming in, a vote was taken to adjourn.  It failed 5-4.

The next comment was made by Jeff Crabill.  He wanted to remind people to fill out the census.

Another vote was taken to adjourn that passed.  I heard Chicago held their first meeting on-line today.  It descended into name calling.  Bloomington didn’t get quite that bad, but close.

More fun and games tomorrow!


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