Donna Boelen is running for re-election

PRESS RELEASE: September 28, 2022

This is to announce my intention to run for re-election in the 2023 Consolidated
Election as Alderman representing Ward 2, located in the Southwest region of the
City of Bloomington.

My focus is and has been fiscal responsibly and sensible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. I acknowledge that the role of municipal government is to provide quality basic services at a reasonable cost.

Elected officials are often faced with complex issues which I have approached with thoughtfulness and due diligence.

My leadership style is to serve by listening and responding to the needs of the residents and working to build consensus with Council colleagues.

I aim to bring my experience and institutional knowledge to promote opportunities which make our community stronger.

Donna Boelen






3 thoughts on “Donna Boelen is running for re-election

  1. Donna should win in a landslide, as long as voters get out there. She has done a great job representing her ward but also all citizens of Bloomington. If we had a few more like her on council, things would be so much better.

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