Zoning in Normal: Equal enforcement?

By: Diane Benjamin

There is a severe housing shortage locally. Chris Koos is planning on welcoming between 50 and 250 illegal aliens here anyway. Where does that authority come from? Is Koos “compassion” is really to get more funding for his underpass? Where are they going to live? Who is paying the expenses? The elected Town Council doesn’t get input, just Koos? Are groups going to be living together in Single Family Housing?

The Normal Town Council approved the addition to Wintergreen subdivision even though the homes built are likely going to be rented. This is where problems may occur since Town code states no more than 2 unrelated people can live in a house. I suggest area residents stay vigilant if the houses ever get built. (skyrocketing interest rates)

I FOIA’d for complaints filed this year where multiple unrelated people living in the same house.

Zoning exists because family and retiree neighborhoods need protection. Single family zoning protects residents from a group of unrelated college kids renting a home and throwing parties into the wee hours of the morning. It also limits the amount of parking required since most families have fewer vehicles than the number of occupants if more than 2 unrelated people live in a house. Zoning laws were intended to allow for orderly development and the protection of property values and general safety. Mercy Davidson and Greg Tromel regularly tout the purpose and benefit of zoning laws.

Single family zoning – PDF page 15: https://www.normalil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/7706/Chapter-15—Division-01-02-03?bidId=

The document below has 9 zoning complaints. (I have a few others too) I asked for the complaints and how each was resolved. I didn’t received any documents showing a resolution for these 9. The Town response appears to be nothing more than a letter. Information was illegally redacted, evidently Normal doesn’t know the owners name and address is easily found online. See the letters here:

The town’s response must be limited to sending emails and letters to property owners.

I have heard that groups of students illegally living in single family homes is a significant problem in Normal, complaints may not be filed on every one. ISU has increased enrollment meaning more kids are living here. One would think that the private sector would take advantage of the excess demand and build more apartments close to campus…but…the reality is developers are skeptical since ISU is planning to build more dorms to replace the dorms they demolished across from the Avanti’s on Main Street. The question they toil with is whether it is a wise investment to spend millions building additional student housing knowing soon ISU will have their new dorms built and will mandate students live in these dorms. The student rental market will see a significant drop in demand when this happens.

Due to the housing shortage, students have ventured out into the single-family zoned areas and are living with their friends there. This is a problem caused by ISU. It has created a negative impact to the residents who live in these neighborhoods. They pay taxes for a zoning department who are paid to enforce the zoning code. Some of the neighborhoods, years ago fought to have their neighborhood’s zoning changed to single family to prevent the sprawl of college life from causing problems for them. I have heard Normal has laxed their enforcement of the zoning code when it comes to some students. This is negatively affecting the citizens and is giving preferential treatment to ISU students. While some may sympathize with the plight of the students, Normal should not ignore the zoning laws and the Constitutional Rights of the residents.

Both the Illinois and US Constitution provide for Equal Protection Rights.

Constitution of the State of Illinois



    No person shall…be denied the equal protection of the laws. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)


United State Constitution


“No state shall…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” (Source: US Constitution)


If Normal continues to unequally enforce the zoning laws, they are opening themselves up to a constitution infringement lawsuit.

We know Normal regularly ignores the laws restricting government, and they play favorites when enforcing laws on others. This is a bad habit. When laws are not enforced, anocracy follows.

Let me know if you have tried unsuccessfully to get Normal to enforce the zoning laws.






8 thoughts on “Zoning in Normal: Equal enforcement?

  1. Koos has ordered a revamp to the Sign Ordnance after one complaint. What has been proposed would not meet the First Amendment. Once again, if we wish to preserve our freedoms granted by our Constitution, it will require a lawsuit.
    Did our Normal representees take an oath to follow our Constitution?? The sign ordinance is enforced by zoning as well. Citizens will be required to beg (pay) for a permit , to be allowed to place a 2’x2′ sign in their yard.

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    1. The proposed regulations for residential property are less strict than commercial property – you’re allowed more than one sign and not required to get a permit.
      The change goes before the planning commission to pretend to listed to public input before it goes to the council for it’s usual 6-1 rubber stamp. (Unless Scott or Kathleen think they need to feign opposition to maintain their pretense of Republicanism.)
      The planning commission postponed discussion this month, shifting it to this month. The same night as the gubernatorial debate also being held here in town. (2 hrs before iirc.) I’m sure they’re hoping that will reduce or even eliminate opposition. Don’t fall for it! If you can make the zoning meeting and stand up for free speech, property rights, and election integrity, please do show up! If nothing else it can add to the list of instances where the Town has blatantly given the finger to the townspeople, and wake up a few more voters.

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  2. What is absolutely nuts about this is several years ago Normal purchased three properties on School Street for inflated values and resold them to their friends for less than they purchased them. Considerably less, in fact. They then changed the zoning right down the street from student apartment complexes to single family. Maybe the problems you mention here will encourage Normal to make some more real estate transactions on the taxpayer’s dime, of course.

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  3. ISU has that huge family housing complex on Shelbourne Drive there’s absolutely no one living there probably a hundred units or more so what’s the deal with students having to rent regular housing? Maybe Coos is planning on putting the migrants in that housing although he denied an application to turn it into low-income housing for citizens of the United States


  4. I’d bet the people who filed the zoning complaints are not members of Pam’s Country Club or customers at the Mayor’s bike shop. Normal has a “friends first policy”. Not a friend…good luck getting something done.

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