The Good and the Bad News

By: Diane Benjamin

Good News for most residents of Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson, and Old Town Townships who are served by Golden Prairie Public Library District:

Your property taxes will not be going up if the Bloomington Library property tax increase is approved!

These township residents have full access to the Bloomington Public Library without paying the bond the library wants for expansion.

The Bad News is another vote will be coming by the Bloomington City Council on the library building program. More Good News: Citizens have a right to be heard December 6th – for or against:!/

A Public Hearing is required by State Law because the increase exceeds the legal limit to not hold a hearing.

It would have been nice if the tax hearing had been earlier, but the expansion is not a done deal yet.

Donna Boelen changed her vote after hearing from constituents:

If the 6 that voted Yes on the tax levy hear negative comments from their constituents, they might change their vote too. (Hint: the progressives won’t because they believe they know better than you)

This graphic shows a lot of what the library wants to accomplish:

If you read the WGLT story you would know Donna wants to know how much of the bond is actually building and how much is other spending. She would like to see private funds raised for that part.

The library claims they need to expand based on population growth, yet very little of the planned building pertains to books. The Library Board has changed the definition of a library with no proof people will utilize the facility. 9 Group Study Rooms? Who goes to the library as a group to study? College have their own facilities.

Is this a:

If we build it they will come?

The property tax increase will increase your property tax bill, it will increase rent too. With inflation raging, high energy prices that will go higher, why does the Council want to inflict higher costs on citizens now? Because interest rates are low?

Keep in mind the local radicals/communists/socialists are backing the expansion.








7 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad News

  1. question…the whole idea of the library is to service the people RIGHT…OK how many people are really using the service….they are saying because of the population has increased…ok,,,BUT HAS THE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE USING THE SERVICES OFFERED increased that much..personly, I do think they have increased that much at ALL…THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME..

  2. NO, NO, NO – THANK YOU!
    I do NOT want another TAX INCREASE for the Library expansion.

    Wasn’t the Library closed during the “Covid shutdown”?
    And doesn’t everyone stream media now anyway?

    Maybe they could talk Bloomington into selling off some real estate and use the money from the real estate sales. Maybe sell off the Bloomington Center for Perf Arts to a private party? Maybe sell off the old Eureka property? Maybe sell off ALL of the properties these last mayors have purchased with our tax dollars?

  3. Diane is right! I’ve been following the numbers at BPL for years, too. The library is using population growth to make the council members think an expansion is needed but the number of check outs is dropping steadily! A big push was done right before Covid to get people signed up for new library cards but the overall trend is dropping as is bookmobile stops. Why do you think every 6 months there are new bookmobile stops? It isn’t because they are adding a new stop it is to replace an underperforming stop. Please speak to your council member and vote NO to an expansion that isn’t needed.

  4. Please get to the meeting on December 6th and speak during public comment. Sign up online or sign up 10 minutes before the meeting. There is a gal who will write your name down for you to comment. Please attend and encourage your friends, neighbors, family to attend as well. A better use of funds is replacing old sewer infrastructure.

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