Masks are destroying your kids

By: Diane Benjamin

I found two articles yesterday on kids wearing masks. There are no studies that prove wearing a mask reduces COVID transmission. That is ZERO studies!

There are studies that show kids wearing masks hurt their development. This is one:


One more quote from the story proves “Equity” is just a talking point:

The authors said that boys from poor backgrounds were most at risk of a drop in cognitive testing scores, with richer parents better able to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

See this story about Illinois schools, U-High is mentioned:

Pritzker doesn’t have the authority to make every school kids wear a mask. Several districts have been ordered by the courts to make masks optional. If COVID was spreading wildly it would be all over the news. I know in the first month of maskless kids COVID cases actually decreased.

The story has pics of two tweets that show what Pritzker and those automatically complying with masks are doing to your kids:

This “tweaked” quote is from the story:

History suggests some adult participants & bystanders in this charade may never be able to admit their actions were both harmful and wrong.

Both articles have lots of other information. Please read both.

The point of the story is: If you don’t stand up for your kids and grandchildren nobody will.







9 thoughts on “Masks are destroying your kids

  1. I have set up a fund for my grand child such that he will hopefully never have to be in a public school environment.
    These Nazi systems are operated by the unions and are anti-education in the least.

    I regret every dollar my taxes support the tyranny of such a system!!!!!

  2. I wish this letter could be sent to Tri-Valley Elementary School & various day care facilities. My grandson is a special need student & has mixed feelings about wearing masks. Ron 

  3. Masking children is how the neo-socialist party (maybe Marxist fits better) has devised as a way to make kids obey their government, above and beyond the wishes of parents. Karl Marx would be so proud to see how the government in America is stepping between parent and child.
    If history repeats, the next step is to turn the children against their parents.

    MAO (Make America Obey)

  4. Masks optional are a mere school board election away. WHO you elect to the school board will decide if your child is treated humanely and with respect , or not. Just because a child has to attend a public school should not mean they are treated like minimum security inmates.

  5. What would a school do if hundreds of the students just refused to wear the masks one day? Can’t suspend them all.

  6. Mask work in slowing down spread of the virus in the air. This along with vaccinations are part of the actions to reduce the spread of COVID. If you don’t believe masks work perhaps you should tell your dentist or dental hygienist to not wear masks, then they can breathe all the bacteria and viruses from their mouths and noses into your open mouth. Or better yet tell your surgeon that he/she need not wear masks during surgery so they can breathe their bacteria and viruses right into your open incision. Both doctors and nurses wear mask in hospitals working 12 to 18 hours with no ill effects.

    Mask have not “destroyed” any children I know nor my child who wears a mask all day. It seems your “freedums” are contributing to the length of the pandemic. Mitigations like masks and vaccinations are the tools to stopping this pandemic.

    I also dare you to post this response.

    1. The masks you refer to are not meant to stop a virus. They stop large particles bodily fluids. These large particles are not how the virus is spread.

      Masks that do stop the virus particles (N95) are not to be worn by children per the NIH. They also have to be form fit to the face or they too are worthless. Ever notice gaps btw the face and mask on 99% of the children? Ya the virus does too.

      Children are in more danger from the flu than this virus. I wonder why masks aren’t required for the flu. Could it be that mask mandates are made by and for adults? I also wonder why our kids are still getting colds and flues this fall if masks work.

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