See Illinois’ new rigged maps

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington and a lot of Normal got removed from McLean County in the congressional map Pritzker signed:

The green is the new 16th district – it goes all the way to Wisconsin. The grey is the new 17th. See where it goes by clicking here:

See the Legislative map passed:

The ACLU is busy fighting gerrymandering:

Illinois isn’t one of the states where they think people “Deserve Fair Maps”.

The ACLU definition of gerrymandering is obviously Illinois. Why doesn’t Illinois matter to the ACLU:







9 thoughts on “See Illinois’ new rigged maps

  1. This is insane. Perhaps the GOP in Illinois should move back to centrist governing? They might be able to win again. Nominating Darren Bailey certainly ain’t gonna do it.

  2. Centrist and Moderates are words Democrats use to get Republicans to vote for RINO’s. Democrat/Centrists are what have screwed up Illinois and BN. Koos claims to be Centrist but his voting and spending record says otherwise. He lies and people believe him.

  3. I heard Renner was going to primary against Cummings. Has anyone else heard that?

    For Republicans is Keith Summers going to run? Much of the new 105 was in his district previously. I hope RINO Preston does not embarrass himself running.

  4. Well at least Adam Kinzinger district was eliminated and this after he kissed the demonrats asses. Loser!

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