UPDATE: Ceremonial Public Hearing tonight: Kathleen Lorenz

By: Diane Benjamin The budget isn’t called Proposed Budget, but it is on line as a 5 years budget. Good luck reading it: https://www.normalil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/21181/Town-of-Normal-2022-23-to-2027-28-Five-Year-Operating-and-Capital-Investment-Budget Tonight – a whole 5 minutes is devoted to a Public Hearing about the Proposed budget. Even though the announcement below claims the budget is on line it isn’t. Kathleen was […]

Library: $5,600,000 grant

By: Diane Benjamin At the Bloomington City Council meeting last night Jeanne Hamilton announced the State had given them a grant of over $5.6 million for the expansion. Of course, they won’t be using all of it to decrease the property tax increase. See 4:15. I might have lost track, but I counted 13 comments […]

The Good and the Bad News

By: Diane Benjamin Good News for most residents of Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson, and Old Town Townships who are served by Golden Prairie Public Library District: Your property taxes will not be going up if the Bloomington Library property tax increase is approved! These township residents have full access to the Bloomington Public Library without paying […]

So, who is lying?

By: Diane Benjamin Below is a a clip from the Normal Town Council meeting 8/2/21. Chris Koos thinks GIS could be wrong after Stan Nord produced a map clearly showing Rivian does not own all of the property adjacent to Electric Avenue. Why do taxpayers fund GIS if it isn’t accurate Chris? Why should anybody […]

Bloomington Last Night – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin A public hearing was also held and resulted in quite a bit of Council discussion: Brandon Gray isn’t interested in the alley if he has to pay for it. Public Works would like to pawn off maintenance to him and save themselves the expense. It sounds like they haven’t been maintaining it […]

Redeveloping Hardees

By:  Diane Benjamin I think there is consensus now on what is happening at the corner of Oakland and Veterans Parkway – where Hardies used to be.  It sounds like a car wash  wants to locate there. The Public Hearing is Wednesday: My thoughts: I’m happy somebody wants to do something with the property I […]

Bloomington is getting Form Based Code

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington has been trying to pass Form Based Code for years.  Normal already has it.  Everything looks the same, especially the student housing.  Individualism isn’t allowed.  Almost every building is retail on the bottom with apartment above, whether there is a need for retail or not.  One Uptown Circle […]

Budget Scam

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight’s Bloomington City Council meeting contains a legally required Public Hearing on the budget. The FY 2019 Proposed Budget for all City funds is $207,894,653. The proposed budget is available for review here:    http://www.cityblm.org/government/departments/finance/annual-budget I’m sure everybody has had time to read both books! I can tell you that roads have ZERO […]

ELEVEN! Citizens fight back

By:  Diane Benjamin Maybe the citizens of Normal have finally decided enough is enough.  11 citizens (one from Bloomington) spoke against the property tax increase during the public hearing before the Normal Town Council.  They came armed with facts which the council later tried to refute.  That story will be next.  Meanwhile, just hit play […]

Inspection Ordinance legal?

By:  Diane Benjamin It appears obvious the ordinance the City of Bloomington has for inspection of rental property is illegal.  It was illegal before it was changed Monday night, but with the City wanting to hire a second inspector, it is tyranny.  Not just illegal – it is massive over-reach by government. All the City […]