So, who is lying?

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a a clip from the Normal Town Council meeting 8/2/21. Chris Koos thinks GIS could be wrong after Stan Nord produced a map clearly showing Rivian does not own all of the property adjacent to Electric Avenue.

Why do taxpayers fund GIS if it isn’t accurate Chris? Why should anybody have confidence in what it shows?

Refer back to this story:

The Town couldn’t even produce proof Rivian was notified of the Public Hearing. The two property owners that could be affected by Normal giving away Electric Avenue, as pointed out by Stan Nord on GIS, were definitely not notified.

Don’t miss the end, Pam Reece claims Brian Day told her Rivian was notified. My FOIA didn’t show that.

11 thoughts on “So, who is lying?

  1. The county property tax records show that Rivian did buy the property to the north in April, However it shows that the 178 acres to the east is still owned by TRUST M100


  2. This is off topic but I thought you might be interested

    I’m engaged with PMA over the denial of my sewage claim. Lots of email etc over the six weeks but….

    I was denied based on 100 year flood nonsense. Gleason feeds it. They also said storm 24 to 29th. I flooded first night at 8:30pm

    In any case I tried to research and find the hourly rain totals

    What I find says we had 4.1” at the time of the flood. That isn’t catastrophic.

    I have specifically asked Senior VP at PMA and Gleason They can’t /won’t answer. They either really don’t know or are lying. If they don’t know the denial is fraud

    I also asked for number of claims filed versus paid. No answers there either.

    I’m a disabled senior out 30k and my property value punished.

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  3. Wow, the records show NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY owns a large portion of property to the North of Electric Ave. I can understand the GIS map being off a little but this seems excessively off to be wrong. Either way, surveyors exist to verify the lot lines. At the very least Normal’s staff should have been been aware of the discrepancy and notified the tax assessor and recorder’s office long before it came to the council. If the GIS map is correct, and the RR owns as much property as it shows, then there was a severe lack of due diligence on the Town’s part. Lack of proper due diligence is a competency issue. If Day and Reece colluded with the intent to deceive the public, then that is much more serious matter.

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  4. Missed the 2 properties owned by the railroad. I wonder why this pin: 1324503003 does not exist on the county tax site. Also see 2 mechanics liens on the recorders site.

    Pin Number: 13-25-100-004
    2020-00013696 $184,806

    Pin Number: 13-25-100-004
    2021-00015121 $6,799,471


  5. The railroad owns quite a bit of land in that area, SOME they HAD to buy to get what they WANTED/NEEDED when MMMA came in. NO, they are NOT going to sell as that is a major shipping yard for them. Yuton elevator ships grain out of there as well as MANY pieces of Caterpillar equipment go over that line, along with steel wire, ADM products, etc.

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  6. Day’s total compensation is $195K. I expect an attorney who is paid this much to at least verify property ownership. Of course Day, Reece, Koos and his band of council bobble heads don’t care how much this costs when the RR learns what happened, it is only taxpayer money

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