Your WHITE kids don’t have a chance at Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin

What makes student successful? Commons sense tells you it’s parents who prioritize education. They tell their kids education is the path to success. They make sure their kids go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up ready for school. They make sure homework is done and they meet with teachers when necessary. They are involved in their kids lives.

Unit 5 has a better idea. This training email (that I have previously posted) proves Unit 5 has killed Martin Luther King again:

Unit 5 has their own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion person.

You can see the Equity Audit and Equity Action plan at that link.

The Twitter account of the lady who did the audit speaks volumes:  Dr. Ivette Dubiel, Systemic Educational Equity, LLC.

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The first thing you need to know is Systemic Educational Equity is now in 100 Illinois schools:

Black Lives Matter Marxist Theology has highjacked the schools:

Have you heard about companies requiring employees to take Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training? White employees are told to be “less white”. Excellence has been replaced by robotic employees with no discernable differences in achievement. Opportunities don’t exist for achievement, skin color is all that matters.

Read more, American Express is the latest company giving employees DEI training, they also want their employees to know capitalism is racist:

More from Twitter:

Below is the entire vision. Utopia is just around the corner at Unit 5. Teachers just have to turn your kids into good little communists where everyone is equal. Evil doesn’t exist unless you are white. Yes, they are teaching Critical Race Theory.

15 thoughts on “Your WHITE kids don’t have a chance at Unit 5

  1. I just can’t . What in all that is holy is this? Just as many therapists and healers as teachers….WTF! You go to school to learn. Reading, writing, arithmetic, history etc….. I seriously hope that those of us who don’t want this get loud. Now is not the time to be silent any longer. I have 3-4 years before my kids go to school, but I am already researching how to get on the school board. Which, by the way, is not easy information to find here locally. Parents need to get involved and now. Talk to your kids every day. Even at 2 I ask my kids what they did at school (daycare) today. I get some toddler version of what happened, but if I start this now it won’t seem so odd when they go to real school. I am just baffled that parents are allowing this to happen. Get off your phones, ipad, computers, watches, etc. Engage with your kids.

    Sorry rant over.

    1. Your kids are probably too young but I recommend a book series called The Tuttle Twins. Maybe for 6-8 year olds. 12 comic type books that have stories about concepts like law, money, the golden rule, entrepreneurship …. Basically explaining American excellence and capitalism. In the process working against the current focus of our woke education system.

  2. When those in charge that don’t have the common sense God gave a June Bug say they have a “vision”, RUN!

  3. American Express, who certainly has practiced capitalism for its entire history, now says its racist? Give me a break. Does that mean there is no more interest charges?

  4. This is absolute insanity!!! It is high time tobelect school board members with some common sense. What you have now are nothing more than educated idiots!!

  5. A school with a HEALTHY environment should NOT need, healers, therapists, crystal gazers and back scratchers..
    WHAT in the name of ALL that is GOOD is this kind of WOKE BS?? When I went to school, we DID NOT NEED this kind of BS! The guy/girl who could do the job and “GIT ER DONE” got kudos and got picked. They did not get a certificate from a “healer” or a happy toy or whatever. Do these folks think that George Washington would have stood for this kind of socialist CRAP?? NO! Because he would have been afraid of getting wet crossing the Delaware.
    This is just pure porcine crap!
    TEACH the CHILDREN and LEAVE the politics/race crap out of it!
    There’s a REASON it’s called the BILL OF RIGHTS!

  6. The Pre-K for all grant in Illinois already does this for those of preschool age. Look it up.

  7. I read the whole thing but still did not learn Why Your WHITE Kids Don’t Have A Chance in that white-majority school district. How is any of this stuff, even if you think it’s silly, removing their chances at anything?

    Also a bit confused by the pivot to talking about a credit card company hiring some corporate grifter who told them to ‘be less white’. This seems unrelated to the rest of the article, as I can’t find any evidence that Unit 5 is going to tell the kids to ‘be less white’ or even that capitalism is racist, or anything close to that.

    The claims of creeping marxism/communism/Kulturbolshewismus are similarly unsupported. I personally don’t like communism but I see no evidence that it’s in any way involved here. In other words, communism was a red herring.

  8. Ms. Dubiel is an example of the militant, aggressive left-wing element that doesn’t believe in just ruining the city of Chicago. It believes that it has to ruin the rest of the state of Illinois as well.

  9. Dr. Ivette Dubiel, Systemic Educational Equity, LLC is infiltrating a bunch of Northern Illinois schools with her toxic ideologies. Schools are also doing everything in their power to hide what Dr. Ivette Dubiel, Systemic Educational Equity, LLC is guiding them to do. Antioch School District 34 has been infiltrated by Dr. Ivette Dubiel, Systemic Educational Equity, LLC.

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