Should Brian Day be fired?

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember when Normal gave away Electric Avenue to Rivian?

Bloomington held a public hearing Monday on vacating an alley. This was included in the documentation:

Bloomington followed the law by publishing legal notice of the public hearing:

Did Normal follow the law? I filed this FOIA:

Copy of the notice published on vacating property 15 days before the 8/2/2021 meeting

Copy of the payment and/or invoice for the above

Correspondence notifying property owners adjacent to Electric Avenue of the vacating

This is the answer I received:

There are at least two property owners who could be affected that were not notified of the Town actions. If any of them sue, Normal will lose since the law wasn’t followed.

Does failure to follow the law makes everything Brian Day utters suspect going forward?








6 thoughts on “Should Brian Day be fired?

  1. Brian Day has proven he will say whatever Pam Reece, and by extension, Mayor Koos need him to say, truth or lie. This makes him indispensable, and his job secure under a corrupt regime. People need to understand the town attorney has no obligation to do what is best for the citizens. His legal obligation is to put forth arguments to justify what his boss tells him to defend or attack. His boss is the Town Manager.

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  2. 47RONNIED…
    Are you implying some in Normal would be held accountable? Fat chance. Koos and Reece are Corrupt with the capital C!!!!

    I have no doubt Reece, Koos, Day, or one of their family members will be driving a Rivian surprisingly soon for all of their “efforts.” People do not sacrifice their reputation for nothing.

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    1. A lot of buzz on electric vehicle platforms about Rivian and search for second U.S. factory location in right to work and tax friendly states. Reports say Rivian now concentrating on location outside of Ft. Worth, Texas although Mesa still in the mix. Of course, Rivian pitting one against the other for abatements and other deals. It’s nice to know R.J. is that confident about an unproven product and its longevity. Of course, no one working at the Dick Durbin Train Station is probably even aware of what is going on right under their noses. Get ready to bend over some more in the months ahead.


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