Need proof Climate Change is a hoax?

By: Diane Benjamin

How about when a local devoted socialist is asked to write about it?

Yes the socialists want to ban meat to save the planet. If you see Krystle or friends out eating meat, snap a pic.

Here’s more proof Climate Change is a hoax from the Heartland Institute: (

From a Press Release:

“The new IPCC report is nothing new. If you track the history of UN climate statements all the way back to 1972, Maurice Strong, first UN Environment Program director warned that “the world had just 10 years to avoid catastrophe” and he was speaking of global cooling then. When the alarm switched to global warming, similar gloomy statements were made by the UN in 19821989199020072015, and in 2018. An example: “If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late,” said former IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri in 2007.

It seems that climate disaster is always just five to10 years away, but none of the predictions of climate doom have yet to come true. The “before it is too late” claim has come and gone, many times.
And just last week, climate scientists admitted that their new AR6 generation of global climate models such as RCP8.5 are ‘implausibly hot’ and therefore incorrectly predicting a hellishly hot future. Their admission raises questions on the reliability of IPCC temperature forecasts often touted in the media and used to promote extreme climate action.”

Anthony Watts

Senior Fellow
The Heartland Institute
[email protected]

We’ve been told since the 70’s we’ve only got 10 years

How many times do they have to lie before you know it’s Socialist/Marxists propaganda to take your money and freedom? Obama buying ocean front property when the water level is supposed to rise isn’t a clue?

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13 thoughts on “Need proof Climate Change is a hoax?

  1. We Will Go Broke, Or…..

    As we debate the chances and costs of we ants overriding the sun’s affect on our ever changing climate –
    A small example is the analysis of my recent 2,400 mile round trip to Sarasota. I looked at the round trip cost, travel time only. I traveled by gas car of course. I doubt anyone has ever tried it in an EV. I googled current figures that were used to calculate the EV travel.

    EV – Days to complete to and from -14.1 days – (EV will average 200 miles before needing a 12.5 hour full recharge) Tow truck charges excluded. Additional 20% added to miles for getting to charging stations every 150 miles or so. (I did not investigate the locations of stations)

    GV – Days to complete to and from – 3.77 days – (Gas car averaging 30mpg and 10 minutes to refill)

    EV – Cost for fuel, hotels and meals (Travel time only) – $6,654

    GV – Cost for fuel, hotels and meals (Travel time only) – $613

    1085% increased cost by EV This does not consider lost productivity or income due to 10 days of additional travel which would skyrocket the cost.

    So considering the cost to somehow stop our climate from changing – It is a question of how much it will cost (we WILL go broke) AND it is a question of how much will we have to give up? We will have to do without many, many things. Is it too scary to ask what are they?

    So this is just a bite size, real life example of what stands before us when we decide to justify unknown expenses to an undefined cause with unknow results, using the simplistic, breathless justification – “we’ll all die in 10 years if we don’t just do something, anything, I don’t care what it costs us!!!!!”

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    1. It is the same reason why electric vehicles failed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, cost to buy and operate and distance dependability. It is why government must step in to create the market by eventually outlawing the sale of any vehicle powered by gas and oil. If one wants to purchase an electric vehicle have at it. Probably great for getting back and forth to work as long as you don’t have to travel that far and can let it sit for hours to recharge. In fact, got the opportunity to drive the Mitsubishi version for a bit around BN. Quiet and smooth but its mileage per charge claims were a bit inaccurate and the battery did not take long to drain down. Anyway, the plan is to eventually force everyone to buy electric even if it is more costly
      and it will happen. Government has had a plan for a while to force everyone into crowded urban enclaves where mobilization options are limited due to costs, access and limited options. As Reagan said, be aware when government knocks on your door and tells you they are here to help.

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      1. Exactly right MP,
        Unrestricted travel in the future will be a luxury only for the elites or the elected. The rest of us will get government issued bus passes. The little things they are doing now will require a central planning government in the future. Otherwise known as socialism.

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      2. That’s exactly what they want – all or as many people as possible herded into anthill cities (look at some of the cities in China) They want people using bikes or public transportation and air travel will soon go way up in price (I’m just guessing on this) so as to make it difficult for the peasants to travel far quickly. They want you using cards and doing as much online as possible as well so they can easily track your purchases and your travel plans But hey just wear your mask and get your jab and consider your carbon footprint, you want to be a good little subject – right? Also, I had not considered all of that extra charging time to actually go anywhere in those silly electric cars instead of just putting around town – I’m sure they will go after motorcycles soon as well, and I look for RVs to also be targeted soon, many people are using them to escape the monstrous property taxes as well as the huge costs for any home repairs you or a good friend can’t do on your own.

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  2. Further proof climate change is a political stunt – It is not a coincidence that this report comes exactly at the same time the democrats are getting ready to pass a $3 – 5 Trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill that they are claiming is to support battling climate change.

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  3. How many times are we going to be told we’re all going to die if we don’t stop burning so called fossil fuels? I should have died many times. But, I’m still here. How can we alter our climate when we, as humans, inhabit roughly 6% of the earth? Hoe do I figure that? The earths landmass is around 25%. About half of that is inhabitable. That leaves roughly 12% of the earth that we can inhabit. The 6% is being generous. So again, how can less than 6% inhabitants effect the other 94% of the earths climate? Common sense would dictate no. But, too many in charge evidently don’t posses much common sense. I have been visiting South Padre Island for over 20 years. Every time I visit, the tide remains the same. No barriers have been built because of an increase in the tide. Again, how many more times are the extremest going to cry wolf?

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