Bloomington Last Night – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

A public hearing was also held and resulted in quite a bit of Council discussion:

Brandon Gray isn’t interested in the alley if he has to pay for it. Public Works would like to pawn off maintenance to him and save themselves the expense. It sounds like they haven’t been maintaining it anyway. Since both parties benefit from vacating it, how about negotiating a lower sales price?

Thinks back to the Town of Normal Planning Commission meeting last week. They held a Public Hearing, had discussion and then voted on it without the vote being listed on the agenda. Bloomington held the hearing and won’t vote until a future meeting. Bloomington is transparent, Normal looks more like a dictatorship.

More from the Bills report:

How does a City not remit Sales Tax to the State on time? $322.64 is a meaningless amount?

If you didn’t know the City is charged every time you pay a bill with a credit card, below are the charges for just one month. (maybe not all of them) Of course if you sent a check, time to process that would cost too. If you paid cash somebody would pocket some, so charges are inevitable. It’s expensive to get paid:

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