Budget Scam

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight’s Bloomington City Council meeting contains a legally required Public Hearing on the budget.

The FY 2019 Proposed Budget for all City funds is $207,894,653.

The proposed budget is available for review here:    http://www.cityblm.org/government/departments/finance/annual-budget

I’m sure everybody has had time to read both books!

I can tell you that roads have ZERO priority unless you pay more Motor Fuel Tax.

Everyone who wishes to speak at this hearing must be allowed to speak.

1000 people should show up and express outrage that some of the Council and the Mayor promised to fix the roads when campaigning years ago.

You were lied to.

The Public Hearing won’t take place until after Public Comment and the Consent Agenda items are dealt with.  The people wanting to speak during Public Comment at the last meeting, but weren’t allowed because of time, should have priority tonight.




One thought on “Budget Scam

  1. Just for clarification, during the Public Hearing on the Budget, comments can only be related to the Budget. In the past, Renner didn’t allow citizens to continue speaking unless the comments were relevant to the Budget. Those who signed up to speak at Public Comment at the previous meeting should be the first ones called to the podium during the Public Comment portion of tonight’s meeting.
    Please show up and speak, otherwise the Council will not listen to the few who do.

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