Bloomington March 9, 2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the Consent Agenda:

There is no such thing as 100% Green Energy – the label just makes it cost more.

green energy

public budget

Read Book 1 of the budget here:


I wonder if Mike Matejka knows Jenn Carrillo attacks law enforcement for doing their job.  Is that fine with Not In Our Town?



From Bills and Payroll:

More pension spiking:

sk 3-9

Every month to Connect Transit:

every month

See PDF page 18-19.  Long list of salt purchases:


Another Business Lunch: 

ren lich

How many years do they get rebates?


Somebody want to FOIA?




For future reference:



2 thoughts on “Bloomington March 9, 2020

  1. Are Mike Matejka and Jenn Carrillo serving as useful idiots for Vladimir Putin? Not in Our Town locally came on the scene after a rash of black church burnings in the south during the early 1990s.
    Former kGB a Lt General Ion Mihai Pacepa the highest ranking defector in history states that the black church burnings was a very successful Russian disinformation operation that American hating media and progressives fell for hook line and sinker. Facts from our own government seem to back up that assertion. Stats show there was no increase in church burnings. In fact many were committed by black people covering up burglaries. Other fires were started from electrical issues and lightning strikes.
    Bloomington Mayor Jesse Smart also was a victim of the disinformation campaign. He ordered Bloomington Police to work overtime patroling around predominantly black churches. Apparently the Mayor felt the community was full of racists eager to burn down churches much in the same way local socialists think there are Nazis lurking everywhere.
    And now these Marxists support a communist Bernie Sanders who praises Cuba and honey mooned in the former Soviet Union. Russia’s influence is local and it is with the local radical progressives.

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