Temporary breather

By: Diane Benjamin Thank goodness the primary is over! Congrats to the winners. Before the next onslaught of campaign ads hit, cut the cable cord. Life is awesome without constant lies. The biggest loser is the ILGOP who failed to get Richard Irvin, Kyle Ham, and Rodney Davis elected, probably others elsewhere. Ken Griffin found […]

County going green, of course at your expense

By: Diane Benjamin Climate Change nonsense is about one thing: Taking your money. Why was the country energy independent just a few months ago and now gas prices are robbing you? Why is the Obama history repeating itself with Biden? That one is easy: Going green is unaffordable when traditional fuels are cheap and plentiful. […]

Solar Panels for Connect Transit, you won’t approve!

By:  Diane Benjamin Below are screen shots from Connect Transit reports for what they paid Corn Belt for electricity.    https://www.connect-transit.com/about/trustees/packet.asp Note:  Connect Transit does not posts report as “searchable”.  If the Illinois Policy Institute was still giving transparency grades, they would flunk. Obviously they are paying between $3,900 and $4,300 a month.  At $4,300 […]

Climate Change Scam

Sorry, reading the wrong month By:  Diane Benjamin Yes, it’s been really hot!  Media thought we might break a record yesterday.  What was the record yesterday?  94 degrees What the media often fails to tell you is what year that record was set.  Instead they spew Global Warming or Climate Change unsubstantiated statements and demand […]

Monday: Rename the Council

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Coliseum will get a new video scoreboard for the low low price of $1,389,605!  Less than 1000 people attend hockey and football games, the basketball team may not exist for long, but a new scoreboard is required.  My sources tell me this board is not used for concerts, performers bring […]

Wind turbines need wind!

by:  Diane Benjamin Do you want to flip a switch and get light?  How about charge your cell phone?  How about the other 1000’s of things that take electricity, want those to work on demand? Wind and solar will never do that.  The wind doesn’t always blow or it blows too hard.  Last time I […]

Aggregation: 100% Green energy?

by:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington took two votes, but now both Bloomington and Normal convinced the citizens they could save money under aggregation.  Both cities negotiated prices with Homefield Energy, who is really Ameren.  (https://blnnews.com/2012/12/18/aggregation-follow-the-money/) Both Bloomington and Normal opted for 100% Green Energy.  Electricity isn’t a different color because a wind turbine produced it, so […]

The Fracking Lies continue

by Diane Benjamin As previously reported (https://blnnews.com/2012/08/30/fracking-under-attack-with-fraud-in-mclean-county/) (https://blnnews.com/2013/01/23/fracknation-exposed-the-energy-haters/) some people will do anything, including lie, to stop the use of fossil fuels.  We are all affected because cheap energy is essential to the economy of the United States.  Double gas prices have put a lid on potential economic development when families have fewer discretionary dollars.  Cheap natural gas collected […]