Temporary breather

By: Diane Benjamin

Thank goodness the primary is over! Congrats to the winners. Before the next onslaught of campaign ads hit, cut the cable cord. Life is awesome without constant lies.

The biggest loser is the ILGOP who failed to get Richard Irvin, Kyle Ham, and Rodney Davis elected, probably others elsewhere. Ken Griffin found out $50 million doesn’t buy a governor, no wonder he’s moving to Florida. Jim Fisher did an awesome job running against Scott Preston, Fisher cost the elites a lot of money the ILGOP would never use to support conservatives. It will be fun to see how much support they provide to the conservatives that did win. The ILGOP is terrified of them and common sense governing.

Democrat Amy McFarland failed to win the Republican nomination for Circuit Judge. The local GOP needs to either start running candidates as democrats or figure out a way to keep democrats from running as republicans. Those republicans who campaigned for her need marginalized. Thankfully people saw through them.

Illinois will have a clear choice for governor in November: A conservative verses and dictator. People shouldn’t need convinced Illinois is much worse after 4 years of Pritzker. Taxes are higher, pension debt is higher, businesses were and are continuing to close, brownout and blackouts are probable because GREEN doesn’t work, all while the dictator ignored the Illinois Constitution and never consulted our representatives after his 30 day only emergency orders. Pritzker claims Illinois is better off financially, higher taxes and tons of Federal money made that possible. Illinois is still not model of fiscal responsibility and never will be until pensions are reformed.

Think GREEN is good? All of the wind turbines east of Bloomington are shut down for a second day, I hope the grid doesn’t need more electricity today. They won’t get any from these:

21 thoughts on “Temporary breather

  1. It will be interesting to see what the local elites who were a part of the Irvin crowd do now. My predictionis they quit the Republican Party and officially join the Democrats, like Barnett did.

  2. My only disappointment was Peggy Hubbard was beaten by the idiots up North in Chicagoland. I’ll vote for Salvi of course in the general, but she’s no Peggy Hubbard. Oh she’s a bit more polished than Peggy sure, but Peggy is REAL, she really is “of the people” and that showed by the election map. I was ok with every other result (except Preston) and LOVED that Irwin got his butt handed to him in a grand fashion, but Salvi? Just another rich establishment go along to get along popped out of the same mold as Rodney Davis, and Peggy did 10 times the work that Salvi did.,such a pity those imbecile robots in the Northeast (and too many here in McLean County as well) didn’t take that into consideration.

      1. I know lots of people around here do, I don’t DIS-LIKE her, I’m just not motivated at all by her if that makes sense. Yes, she’s conservative I just wish she had a little more fire and was willing to speak up against the REAL problems more. Of course I am a huge MTG, Jim Jordan, Chip Roy, Rand Paul and Lauren Boebert etc. fan too. I like the firebrand types. I HOPE she will take it to Duckworth and not just allow herself to be run over by her and her machine in the way Romney (GOD I hate that man) did with Obama. Also Peggy was an underdog who worked so hard and that always sets well with me. Maybe she can be like John Kennedy (LA) that would be excellent.

  3. OH and to those people who latch on to that old “well he/she WAS a democrat” or “he/she voted for _____ in ____, BS, so WAS I, key word WAS, former Ds are now for the most part the most fervent Rs (and NOT establishment types), because we know the “other side” oh so well and just how awful they really are.

  4. I’m wondering who to vote for in the November election. The democrat in the 91st or Preston, the Koos yes man? I think I’ll vote for the democrat to stifle RINO Scotty’s career as he’ll most certainly be another snake.

    1. That will be a bit of a hard call I fully understand your dilemma but he’ll just fail up somehow, they always seem to manage that.

    2. That’s a strategy worth considering. How much worse could that be? A Democrat or a fake Republican?

    3. I can empathize with people not wanting Preston. However, Chung is a far leftist and member Democratic Socialists of America. She’s not exactly pro male or even pro white for that matter either. She is also an IWU academic that is quite pleased with herself and like most at IWU past and present, arrogant as hell. Two years of Preston is better than two or more years of Chung. Also has more loyalty to China than the USA. But do what you want, it doesn’t affect me anymore. Just extending an informational service.

  5. I expect Preston will be just as passive in Springfield as he has been in Normal. I don’t expect him to all of the sudden become a fighter if he goes to Springfield.

    So, I am torn on voting for Preston or Chung
    Preston is a pretend Republican who votes as a Democrat
    Chung, who is honest about being a Democrat and votes as a Democrat

    One lies about who they are, the other does not. After all their grandstanding I see them both voting the same anyway. Does it really matter who wins this race?

  6. If Preston is in the IL GOP will be pleased and continue to endorse him. Like Brady we might be stuck with him for years! If Chung is in, then perhaps a better chance in two years that the republicans find someone else. Preston as Koos’s boy,,,I just,,,can’t. It’s almost like voting for Koos! Quick! Somebody hand me a barf bag!

    1. You’re only speaking for yourself . 84.5 % of Mclean County GOP voters are very pleased with the excellent representation and constituent service that Dan Brady has provided. I only wish IL would get ‘stuck’ with more public servants like Dan Brady.

      1. People with your local and worldview expedited my exit from BN. I could see nothing politically or economically that was ever going to change for the better and did not want to spend my retirement years in a community that was satisfied with average and the cliquish status quo of BN country club families. Brady is as phoney as the day is long and only cares about his political future and being in the local limelight. He could give a squat about improving your life or mine. Same with his buddies the Dobskis, Penn’s, Koos, Renner’s and the numerous other of local self- proclaimed people of importance that litter all of McLean County. Enjoy the crime, crappy streets and boarded up buildings that increases each and every year.

  7. I agree. Leave it blank! He just wants the politician hours! He never stood up against Koos and I have no clue how he got reelected to the council. It’s not like we are sacrificing anything. We are a super minority.

  8. Remember Sharon Chung’s old campaign treasurer, and former socialist candidate for council, Joel Studebaker? Who walks around with t-shirts that say abolish the police? That’s who she’ll represent as State Rep. The absolute far left, those are her best friends. She is an actual communist. Electing someone like her gives her type credibility. Voting for Preston is the smart play here. From what I’ve seen he’s run pro-police and pro-second amendment even if not perfect. Chung is everything that America is not….

  9. Preston needs to start acting like a Republican on the council if he wants to be state rep for any length of time. If not, he is going to quickly inspire someone to run against him in 2 short years..

  10. “If he’s elected he will be just like the guy he replaced. A do nothing placeholder.” – and then nothing changes, just like the establishment likes it.

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