Money from Pot

by: Diane Benjamin

Evidently the City Council was told they can’t discuss approving the second pot dispensary or they might get sued. The State legalized it, the State handed a license to guys who mostly (if not all) live in California , the Zoning Board of Appeals approved the location, so the Council was expected to rubber stamp it.

Emails were flying yesterday, I’m not going to FOIA them because I don’t care.

Anybody remember the Coliseum and cash sales? Remember two sets of books?

Since dispensaries only do business in cash because banks can’t take their money, anybody believe all the taxes due are being paid? Coliseum 5.1 and 5.2 since Bloomington will have two locations. The State probably has some kids of audit procedure, but then the Coliseum was audited too.

Several aldermen had a problem with the rubber stamp, mainly Walsh and Montney. Sheila wasn’t allowed to question the police chief, Dee Urban cut her off. This is what Democracy looks like in Bloomington. Just hit play below to hear the “discussion”.

One more note on the Coliseum: The City took your tax dollars and put them in the Arena Enterprise Fund. All the other Enterprise Funds are expected to break even or they raise rates: Water, Sewer, Storm, Solid Waste, and Golf. I can show you a not fuzzy version because Finance actually puts their reports online:


How is your road? That’s $2.5 million that won’t be spent fixing them.


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