Wind turbines need wind!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Do you want to flip a switch and get light?  How about charge your cell phone?  How about the other 1000’s of things that take electricity, want those to work on demand?

Wind and solar will never do that.  The wind doesn’t always blow or it blows too hard.  Last time I checked, the sun wasn’t out at night.

Fossil fuels must be used as a backup.  Coal, natural gas, or maybe nuclear.

What the greenies still don’t realize is that fossil fuels pollute more when the plants are not operated at peak capacity.  Coal and natural gas plants still have to be ready to supplement the electricity supply when needed, if you expect electricity when you want it.  Meanwhile the Obama EPA is conducting a war on coal.  Cheap access to reliable energy made America a strong country.  What does that tell you about Obama?

Here’s some of my neighbors – sleeping in today.  Sorry for the shaking, I’m not a film maker.





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