Without a Vote? really Renner?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe David Hales is to blame, but of course nobody is talking.

At the July 21st Committee of the Whole Council meeting private sewers were discussed.  The City ordinance isn’t clear on who pays for repairs beyond the lot line, so the City saw an opportunity to fleece more citizens.   The City has been fixing repairs on City property without charging residents, but now they don’t want to.  Raising 3 taxes will never generate enough money for the City.  They have plans, it doesn’t matter that you already have plans for your money

The City wants residents to pay for repairs, even if the repairs are in the street!  Some of these lines are ancient because the City has been too busy entertaining you (Quality of Life).  Essential government services take a back seat to their version of Utopia.

One resident posted his story on Facebook yesterday.  He is an apartment owner on the west side with a sewer break.  He claims the City wants him to pay $10,000 to fix the line all the way to the other side of the street.  He is willing to pay for repairs on his property, but on the City’s?

He has contacted his alderman – Tari Junior.  (Scott Black)

Let’s see if the clone can talk some common sense into City leadership!

No vote was ever taken by the Council.  The topic was not on the agenda at the July 28th meeting.

The City has evidently decided to make policy on their own.  Maybe some poor citizen will cough up the money without knowing the facts.

Your mission is to inform them.  Contact the City, then get your flamingo. flam2





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