Gas price scam?

by:  Diane Benjamin

We’ve all heard rumors of gas prices going up right before State Farm gets paid.

According to, a station in Peoria has gas for $3.23

The lowest price in Bloomington is $3.34 – supposedly with the .04 gas tax that went into effect today.

Funny, the lowest price in Normal is the same – without any gas tax.

Let the conspiracy theories fly.

If it helps, Springfield and Decatur are both over $3.40

Champaign is over $3.50

Other cities with cheap prices in Illinois are Roanoke, Havana, and Jacksonville – $3.25

Don’t forget though, a few short years ago gas was $1.84.

You are witness to a direct attack by government on the middle class.  Make some notes for your kids.   They will never have cheap gas.   Maybe they can avoid our mistakes.






One thought on “Gas price scam?

  1. Still it surprises me the amount of minion following uneducated governmental idiots that continue to vote right along with the destruction of the middle class that includes themselves. The destruction of America will come from within,,,IS happening from within. Mayors, city managers, potted plant council members and especially some county officials collectively on this subject matter are dumber than a box of rocks.

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