County going green, of course at your expense

By: Diane Benjamin

Climate Change nonsense is about one thing: Taking your money. Why was the country energy independent just a few months ago and now gas prices are robbing you? Why is the Obama history repeating itself with Biden?

That one is easy: Going green is unaffordable when traditional fuels are cheap and plentiful. Government can’t talk you into solar panels and wind turbines if other sources of cheap energy are available. How many private jets flew to the Climate Summit? (is frauds to tough?)

Below are the members of the County Property Committee:

Barnett is a Republican in name only. Wollrab, Watchinski, and Rogal are Democrats.

The Property Committee held a meeting on November 4th. Democrats Wollrab, Watchinski and Rogal showed up. Fake Republican Barnett showed up, Bloomfield, Thompson and George Wendt didn’t.

The results of having only leftist attend this meeting proves the first two paragraphs above. Green is about stealing your money.

The video of the meeting has over 15 minutes of nothing happening. The role call is at 15:55.

Jump to 30:00. The interim County Administered (left of Barnett) is relaying information on bids for electricity at County buildings.

She received 3 bids, the cost depending on the term is 27-33% higher than they are paying now. Green Energy is 39-44% higher.

See your future?

The democrats proposed and passed a budget amendment for $57,000 to required “Green Energy” purchases. I wonder if they think electricity is a different color if solar panels or wind turbines generate it. Obviously “Green” is more expensive.

Next jump to 35:48. Democrat Wollrab is excited about going green and reducing carbon emissions. It isn’t carbon Laurie, it’s Carbon Dioxide that humans breath out and plants need to live. Another excited Democrat chimes in but is off camera so I have no idea who is speaking, nice job informing the public Josh. Democrat Rogal thinks McLean County is at the forefront of Green and then asks questions about solar. If Democrats take over the County Board next year, solar will be a done deal. (at your expense)

This recommendation will be going to the County Board next week. I wonder if Republicans will bother to show up there?

Evidently the camera operator isn’t allowed to show some of the people speaking, the view never changes:

2 thoughts on “County going green, of course at your expense

  1. They never mentioned tapping methane, a natural gas produced from digestion, as a source of energy? Rumor has it the the “greenies” want to put a surcharge on methane producers. 😵‍💫

  2. The county has Rivian, the GREENEST corporation on the planet (TIC). Shouldn’t that be enough to satisfy the county leftists that we’re doing our fair share to save the earth? Or maybe the Rivian plant will never be successful, so we still need to do more.

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