The case against CRT

If you are on Facebook you might have seen this video. If not, enjoy it now. Note: He isn’t reading his speech.

The fake race war is not going to end until people get tired of being used by politicians. This is from a School Board meeting.

9 thoughts on “The case against CRT

  1. Why aren’t they wearing masks? They are going to kill everyone!!!!!!

    But seriously progressives hate black white supremacists like this guy.

  2. He is definitely the embodiment of what an American is. And that is why progressives hate people like him because he refuses to play into their victim mentality. And the more people who think like him that means less power for the progressives to push through whatever socialist crap they want to.

  3. He is right about one thing, you are a victim of your own ignorance, laziness and poor decisions! That is true no matter what color you are or what age you are.

  4. The principles of CRT are evil incarnate. It attempts to become god by imposing its own definition of what a human being is. It is diametrically opposed to the founding principles of the Constitution, to civil rights law, and to the principles of most organized religions of today, especially the Bible.

      1. Doug, I am so glad you asked because the left’s answer – “its a college level law course” is only meant to obscure the truth.

        CRT’s foundation – CRT says that western society from the Enlighten period was established by white Europeans for the sole purpose of empowering the white race and oppressing the other races.

        So all law, commerce, (capitalism) education, art, science…. everything is a white European social construct based on oppression/racism. All other skin colors are oppressed by whites whether whites know it or not. All these institutions must be torn down and reestablished.

        Bring that into today.
        These CRT principles are active now in our school systems and elsewhere. It is common to see in state and local documents new requirements for all teachers and administrators. They are required to self-examine themselves and their power level and to also ferrite out systemic power structures in their schools. They are also encouraged to intentionally activate students to do the same. Read the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading job descriptions for Illinois teachers. Or Unit 5’s Equity Action Plan and their Equity Audit. They are choked full of CRT principles.

        So, they start from the premise that racism/white supremacy/oppression/oppressor (all words they use) are the predominate force in our schools and the reason non-white *skinned* children are failing. That in fact non-whites cannot succeed because of the system. Finger pointing of the most cynical kind.

        Their method for finding systemic race problems and problems related to sexual orientation is to examine the statistics on achievement. When they see statistical differences, it is automatically determined to be because of white supremacy or oppression. No other questions are asked or allowed.

        Some of the principles employed today.
        1. All classes of humans are assigned to a group with each group having a different level of power below that of Christian white males.
        2. Anti-racism or an in-depth evaluation of your level of power must be done by self-examination. Then you must act appropriately.
        3. All decisions schools make affecting students must begin by considering the color of the skin or sexual orientation of those affected. They use the word Equity for this.
        4. By using Equity as a guide the idea of Equality is eliminated.
        5. Current decisions along these lines that I’ve heard of include – decisions on student punishment. Non-white students apparently are to be given special consideration because of their “lived experiences” (CRT term). Also assignment to advanced courses will be evaluated by the Equity rule. Or in some cases advanced courses are being eliminated to eliminate the statistical differences found there.

        I could go on, but this is already too long. Sorry.

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