Amy Roser – Unit 5 needs trained too

By: Diane Benjamin

Roser is the chair of the Unit 5 School Board. Before Public comment she read HER list of rules which is immaterial since the law provides citizens Free Speech. Hear her rules at 1:23:00.

Next review this story, Urbana wouldn’t have settled the case before going to court if they thought they would win. They have since changed their policy.

Amy Roser doesn’t get to decide what she thinks is slanderous or vulgar. She is not the speech police and needs to stop acting like she is. She is up for reelection in 2023. 3 other Board member are too. With 4 out of 7 seats up for election, it’s SEND A MESSAGE TIME. Start working on that now.

Three people spoke at Public Comment. All worth your time.

One more note from the meeting: Unit 5 will propose slightly dropping their tax rate. Don’t get excited though, the Assessor likely raised the value of your house which means whatever the rate ends up being applies to your now higher home value. See comment at 55:50. A person in the crowd tried to ask a question based on this conversation, that led to the Board taking another recess until the crowd followed the rules. No, the person was not entitled to speak during a presentation. She should have signed up for Public Comment.

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