Letter to George Wendt

Dear George,

You have been an invaluable asset to McLean County for MANY years. Your leadership has keep McLean County RED with common sense principles. But your health has been declining for a long time. Missing meetings is no longer an option the people of your district and the other Republicans deserve.

George, you have a chance now to retire gracefully. I bet a huge party will be thrown in your honor! Better yet, you still have a chance to help pick your successor and train that person in the same principles you showed over your many years of service. The GOP deserves to have your replacement ready to serve, so does your district.

I wouldn’t be writing this George if LOTS of people didn’t agree. Please do the right thing and step down now. The County Republicans will forever by grateful for your service and your continuing influence through your replacement.


Diane Benjamin

8 thoughts on “Letter to George Wendt

  1. I believe he is my representative but he lost my respect & support due to his voting against the wind farms. My son works for the wind farm in Carlock & used to work at the one in Ellsworth.  Ron 

  2. I believe he is my district representative but I have lost faith in him due to some of his voting choices. He voted down the wind farm projects which could have brought jobs to the county. Fortunately, my son was already working at the one in Ellsworth & has since begun working at the Carlock wind farm. He didn’t reply or respond to any of my letters to him so I stopped supporting him. Ron 

  3. Poverty is the only thing despised more than Old Age , in ‘Merica v. 2021. #BuildbackBetter

    wether or not George Wendt has reached the Age of Obstruction is up to the voters. Y’all cold as ice .

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