Democrats resort to fibs?

By: Diane Benjamin

I wonder where at the County Board meeting anyone discussed taking the tablets away from the County inmates? Democrats told WGLT they did, of course it was printed without a fact check.

I hope everyone is clear on this point: democrats favor inmates over taxpayers.

They want TOU to pay for their luxury items while incarcerated.

How many of you think you should?

6 thoughts on “Democrats resort to fibs?

  1. What dimwit decided the inmates needed tablets while incarcerated in the jail? These Democrats need to be removed from office & society ASAP!


  2. inmates lounging the day away on PornHub or Only Fans in a brand new facility w free tablet and wiFi.

    a DSA paradise

  3. The tablets do restrict certain sites I believe. Also, this may be a good thing but not at the cost of any taxpayer. Tablets would be great for communication and would keep the mail clean. What does keeping the mail clean mean? It means “friends” and “family” won’t soak the paper in a liquid form of drugs and then send it to the inmate for consumption. There are benefits but not at the cost of taxpayers. Basic human needs are met at the jail and nowhere does having the use of a table equate to basic human needs.

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