District 87 isn’t happy with common sense

By: Diane Benjamin

The lady below is a teacher’s aide at District 87. She works with special ed kids who don’t understand why they aren’t allowed to breath at school. They are forced to wear masks all day even though there are NO STUDIES that say they work. She is obviously a very caring person parents are likely thrilled to have working their kids.

I’m posting her video because she is under attack at BHS for daring to talk to the School Board. BHS principal Tim Moore should be proud to have an employee like Dusty defending those who can’t defend themselves. He isn’t. Obviously talking to the Board was a last resort, she felt she had no other choice.


Email addresses for the School Board can be found here: https://www.district87.org/domain/140

One thought on “District 87 isn’t happy with common sense

  1. Thanks to this brave educator for speaking up and tossing facts and common sense at these tone deaf politicians.

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