David Blumenshine – Why he is running

By:  Diane Benjamin

It doesn’t make sense to send the same representatives to Springfield over and over and over when Illinois is in a death spiral of debt.  Pensions need reformed, we don’t need a progressive tax that will chase high income job creators out of the state.

We need fighters in Springfield, we don’t need representatives merely collecting a paycheck and compromising our values with Democrats.

See David’s website here:  https://davidblumenshine.com/

Watch his two minute video:





6 thoughts on “David Blumenshine – Why he is running

  1. Just this afternoon I got an email from Tom Schneider, chairman of the Illinois Republican party informing me that Arthur Jones is not a Republican even though he’s running as one in the Illinois third congressional district. Somehow he’s mistakenly identified me as someone who identifies with his party in Illinois.

    Well, Mr. Schneider, since you like to point out whose a Republican and whose not, maybe I can help add to your list:

    Anyone in the state of Illinois with the last name Brady!

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  2. I’m voting earlier, Saturday morning. I’m voting for Blumenshine. I’m taking a few friends, also voting Blumenshine. I am excited for honesty and change. Go David!

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  3. I sent this letter to the Pantagraph last week.

    Why am I supporting David Paul Blumenshine for state representative?

    If state finances were in the black, I would be impartial. However, over the past 20 years Illinois’ debt load has skyrocketed from a manageable $4 billion to over $250 billion. If we do not act, our grandchildren will pay for our selfishness. This is not doom and gloom rhetoric—taxes are going up and families are fleeing Illinois.

    We must elect individuals, from all parties, who will make decisions in the best interest of future generations.

    Do we:

    1. Elect individuals who perpetuate this system and leave the underlying problems for our children?
    2. Elect individuals who are determined to change the brokenness and make Illinois a better place for our children?

    David is addressing the root problems.

    I am voting for change. Our children deserve a better Illinois.

    Stan Nord
    Father & Generational Illinoisan – Normal

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  4. We cannot continue to send the same politicians to Springfield and expect a different result. Thank you for Mr. BShine for giving us a choice in this election. You have my vote. I’ve seen you work to start to build a coalition with other leaders across this state to rescue us from the moral and financial crisis we face. After 22 years, change is long overdue in the 105th District.

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  5. David Blumenshine has my vote. Easily. I can’t stand Brady and the parading he does around town. It’s time for change in who represents this community.

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  6. I was part of an online discussion recently where somebody made vague references to David having issues or a checkered past or some such. (I did say they were Vague references!) Here is a paraphrasing of my response:
    Dan does not belong in office. If David Also does not belong in office, we should look at the longer term – David will be easier to get out of office in ’22 than Dan will, and I doubt David can do more harm in the meantime than Dan has been doing.
    – If David is great – We Need Him In Springfield!
    – If David is as flawed as his accuser implies, he’s still the lesser of two evils.
    – The only true reason Not to vote for David is if you support Illinois’ corrupt politics as usual.

    I’m a libertarian. But Illinois election law allows voters to vote in any party primary they choose. In my opinion, the most important question on all the various primary ballots is David vs Dan, (or David vs Goliath, as David likes to characterize it 🙂 ) so I will be asking for a Republican ballot and voting for David.

    Whether you agree with me or not, if you can make an informed decision, please do vote on March 17. Too many elections are decided not only by uninformed voters, but by informed “voters” who don’t actually make it to the polls.

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