Dying to attend a BNWRD meeting?

By:  Diane Benjamin

BNWRD is the Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District.  Just once I’d like to see something different in their minutes than:

no public comment

If somebody has been dying to attend (and probably scare them!) details and Agenda for the 4:00 March 9, 2020 meeting can be seen here:  BNWRD March meeting

The reason I started looking at them was because of the fiasco Stan Nord found himself him.  He was absolutely right about your property not being safe if fees weren’t paid  long before you even bought your property.  Once discovered government doesn’t believe in a statue of limitations.

This is just one of the stories I’ve written on the subject:  https://blnnews.com/2020/01/16/what-stan-warned-about-happened/

Here is something you could ask about.  BNWRD charges appear on your water bill in both Bloomington and Normal.  Both governments get money from BNWRD for billing you, I asked about some of the checks I saw to each, this was the response:

BNWRD billing

Why does Normal pay more than Bloomington?  Does Normal know?

If you attend, please report!


5 thoughts on “Dying to attend a BNWRD meeting?

  1. I am not sure if this totally explains the difference. Normal sends checks to BNWRD for each of 4 cycles per month and Bloomington sends one. Also, Normal residents may use more water per household than Bloomington. Normal has had programs to replace meters. As a meter ages and wears the spinning cups in the meter miss more of the water going through the meter, perhaps Normal measuring a larger percent of the water used. Normal’s pools and parks and recreation and ISU student’s may use much water per person. Sewer fees are largely based on water consumption. One would have to do a study of water consumption in each town. Golf courses have separate meters for course watering systems and clubhouse use. So do nurseries and other businesses that use much water that does not go into the sewers.

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  2. No location mentioned for the BNWRD meeting. Assuming it is on West Oakland?? Isn’t the District a separate taxing body supported with property taxes?
    Regarding Normal paying more than Bloomington…a result of a greater generation of excrement.


    1. I was amused by the ‘shi*#y comment’ at the end, but one consistent theme I’ve found in talking to disgruntled Normalites is ‘at least we’re not Bloomington!’
      Both need to elect more ‘Stans’ – people who believe government should work for the people, not for the egos of the connected insiders – for the betterment of the entire B-N community.

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