Bloomington is getting Form Based Code

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington has been trying to pass Form Based Code for years.  Normal already has it.  Everything looks the same, especially the student housing.  Individualism isn’t allowed.  Almost every building is retail on the bottom with apartment above, whether there is a need for retail or not.  One Uptown Circle is still empty.

The new zoning ordinance Bloomington will try to pass includes this:

Note “development contemplated“.  What about current property owners already there?

Is Bloomington going to take away personal property rights because your property isn’t “unified“?

Does “unified architectural” make you want to shop?

Isn’t that like living in a subdivision where every house looks the same?

Bloomington recently pass a business license ordinance for the good of the collective.

Bloomington wants to inspect every rental property for the good of the collective.

Don’t comply?  Bloomington will drag you into their administrative court.  (for the good of the collective)

The entire proposed rezoning ordinance is for their benefit.  It controls the collective.

See the entire ordinance here:

Note:  It is purposely written so you can’t figure out what it says. Try to locate B-1 General Commercial District on the proposed map.  They have so many districts with only slightly different colors it’s impossible to tell:

Note also this ordinance was not written locally.  Houseal Lavigne & Associates was hired to “professionally plan”.

If you own property in Bloomington you need to attend and voice your opinion.  Your property rights are about to disappear.


7 thoughts on “Bloomington is getting Form Based Code

  1. OF COURSE “Your property rights are about to disappear”. Marxist hate the very concept of private property. And MAKE NO MISTAKE, the Bloomington City Council is dominated by Marxists–and will probably be more so after the next election.


  2. Well, downtown is ALREADY D-E-A-D. So why not give it a proper burial..
    Meanwhile OTHER cities, towns and villages across the country that ARE successful, encourage individualism on store fronts and merchant wears. I’ll most ALWAYS stop in a town with a variety of shops. As for UPTOWN. avoid it like the plague. OH, by the way Mr Koos-Christmas is over you can take the lights down..


  3. Pretty blatant that the new code is attempting to change the definition of B-1 zoning as currently many businesses do not fall within this definition. If that ain’t code based on form otherwise known as form based code then I ain’t old stanky.


  4. Soviet-style housing, which will no doubt be built with taxpayer dollars by friends of government. Renner is quite the understudy to Chris Koos (D-Tartan Realty Group). Ghostown, er…Downtown, Bloomington will be just as empty.


  5. I’ve read this book. It was “1984” by George Orwell. Everyone and everything looks alike , acts alike, talks alike for the “good” of the collective. Tari wants to turn Bloomington into his Utopia, where all things conform to his standards and worshiping him is the mandate. “Its thirteen o’clock,time to do your exercises”


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