Got something to tell Dick Durbin?


Build the Wall

Here’s your chance:

31 thoughts on “Got something to tell Dick Durbin?

  1. I emailed his office twice to give him my input to build the wall. His site asked if I wanted a response and I said yes. Never got one!


  2. So THAT’S how they make “SOUR MASH”!!
    And WHOEVER that goofy looking gal is who he’s talking to in the photo. She don’t look smart enough to use that phone properly. AND her sunglasses don’t go with her hair..


  3. Wow, burn! Her sunglasses don’t go with her hair. When you have no actual argument then launch personal attacks.

    What exactly happened for over a month? A government shutdown. That was politically punishing to Trump who saw his approval rating plummet to 39 percent with a 53 percent disapproval. The wall is a stupid idea that Trump sold stating repeatedly that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. That’s not going to happen.

    After 35 days, Nancy Pelosi spanked Trump and sent him to bed without dinner. If he either wants to repeat that stunt of shutting the government down or declaring some sort of emergency, then expect his presidency to be essentially over. To Top all off, his wall will never be built.


      1. Wrong. Pelosi ratings are not lower than Trump.

        “But she is also surely benefiting from her visible opposition to an unpopular president. In prior posts on this site, we’ve shown that Trump’s record unpopularity helped make Barack Obama and Muslims more popular during the 2016 campaign while eroding support for his signature border wall.”


  4. Diane; Would have hoped that you would point out that the “goofy looking gal” is now on the County Board. Personally, find “goofy” an extremely mild comment to make about her.


    1. And calling Shayna Watchinski “goofy” and other names is somehow a totally mature remark to make. If you have nothing to say of substance, I guess ad hominem attacks of anyone you disagree with is how it works here.


  5. OK, janice, I was TRING to be NICE, and this is a PUBLIC forum, so I can’t say what I REALLY think! As for your questions.
    We NEED border security! Call it a wall, or whatever. IF you’ve EVER been down along the UNSECURED part of the border, you can basically sit and watch people pick up “illegals” who jump the fence, run through the culverts and just stroll across. I sat for an afternoon in Anza Borrega with some friends from Czech Rep. one afternoon bird watching, and we saw more people “getting rides in the desert” then birds. Even my friends commented on it.
    By the way janice, the biggest haul of fentynal ever seized was obtained on the Mexican border in the last couple days. Don’t need security??
    As for Pelosi, GOOD argument for term limits!!


    1. I will save Janice the trouble of saying that bust was at a border crossing. Democrats don’t understand border agents wouldn’t need to drive all day trying to spot crossers if the wall existed. We would have MORE agents at crossing and likely stop even more drugs and traffickers.


    2. And a medieval wall is the stupidest way to attain border security. Almost all illegal drugs come through legal ports of entry. I bet anything that the fentynal seized was at a legal port of entry. Fentynal either comes through those legal ports of entry or in the mail from China. No wall is going to stop illegal drugs coming through the mail. Illegal drugs also come through the northern border, I don’t see you as a booster for a huge wall to separate us from Canada.

      No wall is going to stop those who have over stayed their Visas, which is the usual way most people become illegal immigrant.

      Apprehensions on the Southwest border peaked in 2000 at 1.64 million and have generally declined since, totaling 396,579 in 2018.That’s a 76 percent decline in the number of apprehensions between the peak in 2000 and 2018. So people crossing the border from Mexico is radically down.

      I find it amusing that Trump and Republicans had a full two years to implement his wall. How does he think it’s now suddenly an emergency? It isn’t.

      Pelosi handed Trump his head, the president lost big time in his inability to negotiate his way out of a paper bag. If he tries another shutdown, Republicans will desert him. Democrat have offered border security with money to go to ports of entry, more boots on the ground, etc. not a wall that will never be built.

      If saying the drugs were seized at a border crossing, then that’s a legal port of entry. If we put up a 35 billion dollar wall, how long will it be until there are tunnels?


  6. Hey Dick! Can you give us any proof the Ruth Ginsberg is alive?
    Hey Dick! Are you going to support wife beater Cory Booker for president?
    Hey Dick! Why do you support illegals over American citizens?


  7. Here’s another one.
    HEY DICK! Why does Nancy Pelosi charge the American taxpayers $1000 a week for her booze?
    HEY DICK! Any comments on the arrest of Chicago Democrat Ed Burke on corruption charges?
    HEY DICK! Do you think Mike Madigan will be the next Chicago Democrat arrested for corruption?


  8. 11 Lousy Votes: That goes pretty well with a Hendrix tune!!
    Yes Diane, that confiscation was at a border crossing, so they probably called in agents for 50 miles around as a “diversion tactic” Meanwhile a much LARGER shipment probably made it’s way into the U.S.
    The smugglers have MANY tactics, MANY of them STRAIGHT out of the military playbook…

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  9. Isn’t Janice really Evan Meyers from yesterday or Serving Him from another day or,,,,gosh the list is long?
    Tom is that you trolling stupidity for Tari since he has to stay away from the keyboard here or experience another wrist slapping from his masters?


      1. “Nice job regenerating all the talking points the democrats use. Ever have an original thought”l

        I managed to inject some facts into this discussion. The wall will never be built. Trump stated over and over again that Mexico was going to foot the bill. That was a lie by Trump. Republicans had all three branches of government for two years to build a wall and even pass some immigration reform. They didn’t do so, that’s on the Republicans and Trump. If you think I’m radical, then you’re out of touch. The wall is very unpopular except for far right fanatics who evidently post on this forum.

        A December CNN survey found 57 percent against the wall, 38 percent in favor. A CBS survey gap in October was greater, 60 percent no, 37 percent yes. So beyond you’re bubble the wall is not popular.


  10. “I see the exact wording every day on Durbin’s twitter feed. Just a coincidence I’m sure.”

    O.k. refute this: Trump repeatedly stated Mexico would pay for the wall. They are not.

    Republicans and Trump had two years to pass legislation to fund the wall. Neither Trump or the Republicans did so.

    The fentanyl bust you’re talking about was at a legal port of entry not at some remote unwalled area of the border.

    That has nothing to do with Senator Durbin’s Twitter feed and everything to do with facts.


  11. Janice, you poor naive creature, seriously, I almost feel sorry for you. You really have zero understanding of the southern border situation, zero. All you have is the pablum you have been spoon fed by people who have reasons for propagating these lies that you either do not know about or won’t accept. The only glimmer of actual facts that you have is the fact that yes, many people do overstay visas, that can be remedied if the person wanted to, they don’t. This is either because they simply don’t or they can not qualify for a different visa, which puts them in violation of immigration laws, therefore, they should be deported.
    I know a person who was deported for SEVEN years under Obama because she overstayed her visa by ONE day – yep seven years no entry for an overstay of ONE day, she even had a ticket back to the UK for the VERY NEXT day, but, oh well. Our laws are so unequal it’s not even funny.
    I suggest that you get to know some REAL facts about the border and about Mexico and especially Central America, by the way I LOVE the real Mexico (not resorts, that isn’t real) I have been there many many times, and Mexicans are some of the greatest people on this planet, but I can understand why many do want to come here, there is REAL poverty there, like you have never seen in the USA. I also know for a fact that many also ARE cartel connected, also know for a fact that the amount of human trafficking is jaw dropping, The USA is the biggest “consumer” of especially underage prostitutes, may as well bring the “product” to the consumer, same as drugs. I also know how the Coyotes bilk people out of thousands of dollars and force girls and young women into prostitution and young boys as well, men are used for drug mules or “procurers”, this happens when they are getting close and all of a sudden the Coyote wants more money. I know of people who have been left in the desert to die with no food or water because they would not or could not come up with the money.
    A working class MEXICAN woman in Mexico, who I had a long conversation with about a year ago also told me that some are coming for THE BENEFITS because they know they will get food and shelter and not have to work for it, she said the best thing the USA could do is find a way to CUT OFF the benefits and stop the loopholes that are used, she said that would at least stop the ones who are coming for benefits. Wake up to reality Janice – you are living in a very cozy little world and the real world is NOT like that. There are good and decent people all over this world. There are also horrible people all over this world, Yes even Mexicans and Central Americans and many of them make their way to the USA in ways not legal, for nefarious reasons. By the way at the Mexico City airport there is a completely different AREA in customs and immigration control for CENTRAL AMERICANS, they have to go through a different process in a completely different part of the airport just to gain legal entry at Benito Juarez, and I think Oaxaca airport is the same. Another little factoid I am sure you were unaware of because you likely do not know just how strict Mexican immigration laws are.
    Oh and YES walls work, they work well, they are a deterrent, and obstacle if you will, along with human and technological security as it’s partners it makes for a good trio, if one part of the trio is missing it’s just not as effective. Bottom line The wall is needed.


    1. I just want to add that the woman in Mexico also told me that many of the people going north now are NOT the same type of people that were going 10-20-30 years ago, she said MOST people then truly just wanted a better paying job an a better life and while those people do still go to the USA, there are now many more who are going for not the right reasons.


  12. is a wonderful website that keeps you informed of all the immigration issues, including building The Wall! They offer some great videos to educate others on topics, too, along with their Action Buffet which informs you when legislation is coming up for a vote, & not only when to contact your Congressmen/women, but they provide an outline of talking points, so that you can fax, email or call them directly from their site.
    Today I received an email from them with an article, NumbersUSA’s President, Roy Beck, wrote in “The Daily Caller,” entitled “Opinion: Only Immigration Can Stop the Trump’s Economy Momentum.” And another reason why there is so much opposition to supporting Trump’s plan—-they are doing everything in their power to bring not only him, but America down!


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