The Good and the Bad News

By: Diane Benjamin Good News for most residents of Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson, and Old Town Townships who are served by Golden Prairie Public Library District: Your property taxes will not be going up if the Bloomington Library property tax increase is approved! These township residents have full access to the Bloomington Public Library without paying […]

One more thing on the library:

By: Diane Benjamin Yesterday I caught somebody from the Bloomington library on a Peoria news station. The woman, I didn’t catch her name, claimed the plans were created by talking to the public. Obviously not the public I talk to. I dare the Library Board to put a non-binding referendum on the next ballot, Yes […]

More lawsuit emails

By:  Diane Benjamin I filed the Freedom of Information lawsuit because the City denied 3 requests within about 2 weeks.  Obviously they were hiding something, the biggest being Tari again calling people he doesn’t agree with “off their meds”. I received some others I didn’t expect, like Scott Black saying nobody important reads this […]

What is Tari going to do now?

by:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington Library has operated for many years without much City supervision.  They are the only board that can raise taxes without the approval of the Council.  Until recently, they also wanted an east-side branch. That was before Tari Renner became Mayor.  Renner replaced many people on all the City Boards and […]

Library Board member had Open Meetings Act training!

by:  Diane Benjamin As previously reported, the State’s Attorney General is investigating an Open Meetings Act violation by the Bloomington Library Board. One recent appointee to the Board was present at this meeting should have known better.  Emily Kelahan had recently completed the Open Meetings Act training: Information received under the Freedom of Information Act […]