One more thing on the library:

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I caught somebody from the Bloomington library on a Peoria news station. The woman, I didn’t catch her name, claimed the plans were created by talking to the public. Obviously not the public I talk to.

I dare the Library Board to put a non-binding referendum on the next ballot, Yes or No to spending up to $22,000,000 for expansion.

The answer would be NO but they would proceed anyway – just like the City did with the Coliseum.

Is this the final straw for citizens that don’t bother to vote in local elections?

When 10% or less show up in off years, this is what you get. When only double that bother to vote when a mayor is elected, again – you get what you deserve.

Send Tari Renner a thank you card when you get your next property tax bill. It is because of progressives like him that ONE library for both Bloomington and Normal will never happen. It’s all about CONTROL. Taxpayers in Normal will eventually be paying for a new library too since they keep sitting out elections and allowing their own progressives to bury them in taxes and debt.








2 thoughts on “One more thing on the library:

  1. They all know that libraries are obsolete. I would bet money that a lot of their expansion will be oriented toward their new mission: The leftist indoctrination of disadvantaged (poor) children and adults. Libraries are now cultural and educating meeting places where FREE programs are provided to brainwash poor people into keeping them poor, exploited, and prepared for the new communist world. Oh, and they have dead tree copies of books too!


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