The Comedy Club you don’t have to pay to see!

By: Diane Benjamin

Attention Mayor Mboka: You don’t have a right to limit speech! Read up, Urbana just paid attorney’s fees to settle a lawsuit against them for doing exactly what you did last night:

The comment Mboka objected to starts at 25:29. The lady could be called clueless, combative, obnoxious, and probably other names. Mboka should not have attempted to contain her, the law was on her side since she wasn’t threatening or disruptive except to egos.

The democrat socialists showed up to not only beg for their taxes to be increased but to vilify the new Ward 6 alderman and Mkoba for picking her. Remember when they used to claim they were the ignored poor people in town? They now want a new library and are willing to pay more in property taxes to get it. I wonder if they know their rent will go up because the landlord has to pay more? Do they know Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the county?

A Ward 6 gang of socialists appeared to claim democracy failed instead of blaming Jenn Carrillo for moving out of the Ward. Nobody but them believes she couldn’t find a place to live. Democracy didn’t fail anybody – Carrillo failed them. I bet her feeling were hurt when every one of her candidates lost in the last election. She didn’t want to be part of a lame duck socialist gang with no power.

20:05 is a comment to see. Socialist thought the new police contract should be rejected because they don’t need the money! It later passed unanimously. (even defund the police Crabill voted for it)

One speaker claimed alderman Sheila Montney just does whatever alderman Donna Boelen tells her to do. Later Sheila voted against the library expansion but Donna voted for it. 🤣🤣🤣

Many of the socialists thought new alderman De Urban was going to vote against the library. Evidently they didn’t speak to her directly even though many said they live in Ward 6. Dee said before her vote for the library she spoke to many people and kept a list of who was for it and who was against. The “for” vastly outnumbered the people against it, so she voted for the expansion.

A lady called in for public comment at 9:29. She is well worth listening to. Some members of the Council love to spend money when interest rates are ridiculously low, like now. Inflation shows no signs of slowing, rising construction costs could destroy any savings with low interest rates. This speaker covered many reasons not to expand, it passed anyway.

See comment at 37:15. This One World Order socialist threatened future businesses that may want to locate in Bloomington.

Bloomington held a referendum on socialism April 6, 2021. SOCIALISM was overwhelmingly DEFEATED. Since these freedom haters haven’t learned anything from that election, Bloomington residents must keep sending them that message.

Public comment went on until around 47:00. It was a great show and proves there is no way for thinking people to co-exists with the far left. Wait until they realize increasing property values have already raised their property taxes and last night they demanded they get raised even higher. The total money stolen from their pockets is going to be way above $25-$30 a year.

It’s fun to see the far left beg to be taxed when we know they will be back complaining about the cost of living in Bloomington in the future. It’s was a good show and worth watching so every one understands there is no middle ground. They worship government and want it to control your life. The rest of us know government is about control, not freedom. Government power must be limited, the socialists must be squashed over and over.

The video below starts with Mkoka’s Public Comment instructions with just might get the City sued for limiting speech:

7 thoughts on “The Comedy Club you don’t have to pay to see!

  1. They breed and vote. All the comrades will see an increase in their rent to pay for this. They scream about people living in property but continue to add taxes on top of taxes. Next cycle, we need to eliminate many off council and put in another couple like Becker and Monteny. What is sad is there are council members on a big Facebook page where a poll was conducted that showed 751 people did not want the expansion and 21 did. Stop spending money we do not have.
    Now…as to the dumb clucks that believe our police should not have gotten a raise, I hope they understand that police show up no matter the background, skin color, religion, political stance and so far. I would go as far to say should DSA members not be entitled to raises either…but heck I am not sure if any of them even hold jobs. I know they stand with their hand out…so maybe that is their job.

    TIME for another round of voting out council members…all even wards…that is you and right now…I pray we find replacements for all of you.

  2. It is breathtaking how loathsome this group of self named socialists are. I wonder where they came from? Who asked them to move here? How can they afford to live when they do not have jobs? Some of what they said sounded like veiled threats. Also, Champion & Gomez are playing Ward 6 council representatives from the podium. I sure hope Dee doesn’t put up with them bullying her. And don’t fall for Luisa’s nice act. It’s all just a way to ingratiate herself. Don’t fall for it. And where are the good people of Ward 6 who do not believe in socialism/communism? They need to start speaking up for themselves now that they finally have the opportunity to do so.

  3. As annoying and clueless as these kids are, my heart goes out to them. Really. They all look like refugees out of a community theatre production of “The Lower Depths,” and I seriously doubt that any of them know how to DO anything besides program an iPhone or complain. Which is the height of irony given that — in their utopian hammer & sickle world — they would be the first useful idiots to be summarily disposed of. Some adults really, really failed them along the way. Sad.

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