Meet Dr. Ivette Dubiel

By: Diane Benjamin

Sounds like a tragic start to life! She was poor but somehow managed to become of Doctor in most likely Education. She also has three Masters Degrees, in other words she is a product of the education system at the highest level.

Pretending not to be a capitalist, Dr. Dubiel started her own company. She now pushes pre-packaged Equity programs on schools. I’m told Unit 5 is one of her customers.

More great news: She serves as the current president of the Critical Race Studies in Education Association. 

Unit 5 bought her program but doesn’t teach Critical Race Theory!

Read all about her extensive history of “Equity” indoctrination around the country:

I wonder how she thinks she succeeded but other poor kids have no future without Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs pushed in every school?

Dr. Dubiel recently gave a presentation in Huntley Il. I was sent a couple screen shots from it.

Summary: Whites are born racist and content of character is immaterial. Every kid is classified in a group or groups, they are not considered individuals. They are classified by their skin color, their sexual preference, gender, ethnicity, and a myriad of other factors that have nothing to do with Content of Character.

Evidently those classified above the “Domination” line oppress those below it. Gentiles dominate Jews?

The link above claims DR. ERICA DAVILA, an associate in the company Dr. Dubiel started, worked with the Philadelphia School District developing Culturally Relevant Math and Reading curriculum.

See the dismal results here:

District 87 still have not posted any agendas or minutes from their subcommittees on Diversity Equity and Inclusion. What are they hiding?

Dr. Dubiel is proof anyone can succeed in America. Instead of shouting that to every child she wants them to know who is oppressed and who is oppressing them. Unit 5 must wants the same thing. They are busy entering data into the system they purchased so every kids can be put into a categories. Excellence isn’t a category available to strive for.

Another category that doesn’t exist in Unit 5 is being a person of character. Maybe parents should assign their own pronouns to the Administration pushing this ideology on your kids: Marxist, Communist, Frauds.

9 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Ivette Dubiel

  1. Excellent reporting Diane! Could it be that one of the reason school districts so strongly deny using CRT in schools is that it has proven to be a failure at raising student scores?
    But then again, CRTeach isn’t about raising scores, its about making all the scores the same.

    The age old socialist ideal of equality of outcome. The real problem for these schools is getting parents to agree that socialistic principles are better than hard work and discipline.

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  2. I give her credit for at least putting in the time to get a race-baiting degree (or several) instead of just mail ordering a fake “reverend” certificate ala Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I guess the religion bait is passé, and anyone with a couple or three letters after their name is “following the science.” Perhaps she started her for-profit race-baiting operation to pay off her student loans? Something tells me not.

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  3. Through your research does Dubiel have any “conflict of interest” being a ISBE employ and a LLC non for profit business owner being run out of her house.
    ISBE advises school districts to hire her as their equity firm. Systemic Education Equity is in over 100 school districts and her starting a equity package is $19,000. If you have seen Ivette house she is far from being oppressed!
    Ivette Dubiel is a fine example of a race hustler in my opinion and someone needs to investigate what a crook she is!


  4. I would like to make a suggestion if I may. You’ve stated that Ivette Dubiel is President of the Critical Race Studies in Education Association and that is not correct. It is Erica Davila who is the researcher and editor for the company that is.


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