Failed communication in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember when Kathleen Lorenz made an impassioned plea for the Council to communicate better?

That happened on May 3, 2022. (Two weeks ago!)

Evidently she didn’t mean it. When I posted the story about Normal requesting another $6 million for the underpass, Stan Nord emailed the Council asking what they knew. The only response Nord received was from Mayor Koos telling Stan to talk to him. Even Kathleen Lorenz didn’t respond.

Did the rest of the Council know? Was it an inside secret? Were they at all concerned? The document I posted was downloaded HUNDREDS of times, people are concerned! The $6 million was otherwise not mentioned at Monday’s meeting. They must think if they don’t mention it nobody will know the price tag is now almost $30 million to save 50 feet.

Stan mentioned this in his comments at the end of Monday’s meeting, of course no response: (51 seconds)

4 thoughts on “Failed communication in Normal

  1. Sadly, it seems Stan is the only Trustee who cares that Pam Reece was caught lying to the Feds and the council. Remember this when any of these people campaign for re-election and they claim they will fight for honest and transparent government.

    Scott Preston is running for State Rep and claims he will fight corruption in Springfield. If he won’t fight it as a Trustee then I call B.S. that he will fight it as a State Rep. Scott needs to publicly show he fights corruption for me to believe he will do squat in the future.

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    1. Excellent points. Considering Scott Preston literally has no backbone, I doubt he’ll fight corruption. He’s a parrot. He says what he’s told to say. He does not think independently.

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  2. Kathleen is a Koos/Reece puppet. She is given leeway to speak but she won’t vote against Koos if she will be a swing vote. Remember her Benedict Arnold votes on the 2019 property tax increase? She was the swing vote instructing staff not to raise property taxes. Koos and Pam got on her case after the meeting about it. Then a couple of council meetings later, when they were voting to give the official tax levy amount to the assessor she reversed her vote and out of the blue hiked the tax levy. The hike was not on the agenda, with no public notice, and no opportunity for the public to comment. It was all very shady. Lorenz proved she cannot be trusted.

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