My response to Unit 5’s survey

By: Diane Benjamin

Eliminating all Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion employees and programs isn’t listed anywhere.

I could add more, but my reactions are in RED.

5 thoughts on “My response to Unit 5’s survey

  1. Unit 5 lives in a parallel universe completely out of touch with taxpayers that pay their bills and for their outrageous demands. Education administrators could have an unlimited source of funding for all of their programs and within 6 months would be back demanding additional funding. I responded to their telephone survey but I’m sure negative responses go to the ‘deleted without being read’ file.

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  2. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. This is typical of so many surveys. This is specifically designed to give respondents the impression that this is going to hurt or that there are no easy answers. In other words, it’s designed for people to think the only option is a tax increase. As has been noted, no options are given to things Unit 5 doesn’t want to do. I’ve ignored mine as well as the telephone calls asking me to take it over the phone. They’re not interested in what i have to say.

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  3. Please check the thing(s) that you agree with and leave blank those you don’t.
    1) _____ INCREASE CLASS SIZE for the classes that are all lecture only. (We save money.)
    2) _____ REDUCE PROGRAM OFFERINGS no more CRT, no sex ed for little kids. (We save more money)
    3) _____ STUDENT RESOURCES AND SUPPORTS hire quality, thoughtful guidance staff that can help guide the kids through the emotions of life rather prescribing synthetic drugs that help turn them into drug addicts. (We all save money)
    4) _____ IMPLEMENT READING, WRITING, AND ARITHMETIC get the kids back to the basics that they need to develop as critical thinkers so they can learn to be independent and free. (Make money)

    Whoops, dinner time. I’m out.


  4. Most of our homes are spiking in value. I expect my bill to increase at least $500 per year with the minimum level plan. Tax payers should insist that the rate at least be maintained. They will get the money from inflated valuations. Anything more is greedy! Live within your means!

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