Kiss Springfield Goodbye Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Even with these donations, Preston has far less money than his opponent:

You are going to want to sell your house without a realtor after this! (FYI they threw a ton of money to the elites during the last local election in Normal too) This will also prove why Illinois Republicans will always be a the minority, they don’t stand for anything worth voting for.

A reader got the below in the mail from Scott Preston’s campaign. Scotty is pushing the same issue Beto O’Rourke, Tammy Duckworth, and Dick Durbin use to get votes. See for yourself:

Note: Common Sense is usually TWO words!

How is that “common sense” gun legislation working in Chicago Mr. Preston? Citizens aren’t allowed to own guns so the criminals shoot indiscriminately because NOBODY can shoot back! Innocent people die every weekend.

Real Republicans/Conservatives know one thing Scott Preston evidently doesn’t: Criminals don’t obey laws, that’s why they are criminals.

Gun regulations only hurt law abiding citizens.

The 2nd Amendment says: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Ever read it Preston? That militia, also in the 2nd Amendment, means everyone old enough. I’m sure your school skipped that lesson as most do now.

Thanks for proving you are really a Democrat Scotty boy.

Maybe Scotty is trying to tell us the ILGOP is going to support an assault weapons ban after the election. Every gun is capable of assault, not just the scary looking ones. Gun bans do nothing more than take defensive weapons out of the hands of people who have never hurt anyone and never would unless threatened. Preston just lost his lame attempt to climb the political ladder.





12 thoughts on “Kiss Springfield Goodbye Scott Preston

    1. I have voted for sixty-three years. Often, choosing the better of two bad Canidates. This election I will leave the Sec of State and State representative blank. I would NEVER vote for a representative that failed to SUPPORT our second amendment.

    2. Have you seen the “dems for Brady” signs popping up? If he was for freedom, there would be no such group.

  1. Agree with you 100%
    How about we focus on crime? I think it is time to go back to the “tough on crime” approach – maybe someone should run with the platform that we are going to hold criminals accountable for their crimes again?

  2. How is Scott Preston any different from Sharon Chung? While i cannot possibly vote for her, I guess I’m going to have to leave this portion of my ballot blank which is probably the same as a vote for Sharon Chung. But, I cannot and will not vote for Scott Preston under any circumstances.

    1. How I vote, and recommend you do:
      #1 – Vote for Good candidates. One you know personally or by someone you trust. Slick postcards or great ads don’t count – if anything, those are usually signs you should vote Against somebody.
      #2 – Don’t vote for Bad candidates, regardless of any other directions on this list. That includes not voting in a given race or not using all your votes in a ‘vote for more than one’ scenario, because that “don’t wanna waste it” vote amounts to a vote Against whatever good candidate(s) you’re voting for and could keep them out of office.
      #3 – Vote Libertarian. Sadly, not even all candidates from the “We recognize there are major problems with both major parties” Libertarians are good candidates, but it’s your best chance of finding a ‘diamond in the rough’
      #4 – Vote Republican. Republicans may not be the solution to all our problems, but Democrats are the source of most of them.

  3. Scott will cut taxes Total BS
    Scott will eliminate wasteful govt spending . Joke?
    Support higher education? Critical race theory?
    Gun legislation. Ever hear of the 2nd Amendment
    I won’t be voting for Scott Preston.

    During the height of the covid lockdowns Dan Brady was no where to be found. I will never ever forget he did nothing to fight for us. I won’t be voting for Dan Brady either.

  4. Preston is, without question, the political child of Koos and Reece. Fatty Pritzker doles out a little taxpayer-extorted cash to loyal drones to reward their donors (and themselves) if they do exactly what Fatty tells them to do. No matter how immoral, destructive, or blatantly against the Constitution those “requests” might be. That’s the game — and it’s a lucrative one. Remember Preston disingenuously using a stock family photo for his political ad that wasn’t him or his family? I guess he doesn’t want anyone in town recognizing his face.

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