Oath of office – on video

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just so there is a record, since the City of Bloomington didn’t live stream or archive video of the candidates being sworn in, a reader taped Carrillo and Crabill.

They did take an oath to support the Constitution.  I wonder if they know the word “democracy” is not in it?


Below is the Agenda for last night.  Tari did call the meeting to order – adjourning is listed.  A non-meeting can’t be adjourned.

He left one requirement out:  Public Comment

We already know laws are immaterial, add violating the Open Meeting Act again to the list.



5 thoughts on “Oath of office – on video

  1. We also didn’t say the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Probably isn’t a requirement, but would have been a nice touch.

  2. Hi Diane- The amount of corruption in this county is mind boggling.

    10 more years of this and I’m moving to another state.


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  3. Thanks for whoever shot the video. It is wise to be pro-active with certain people who you know from the start do not have your best interests in mind.

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