Fundraising done wrong

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t  a reader

See this Press Release:


What is “For a Better Tomorrow” and where do the funds raised go?

This was attached to the Press Release:


I still have no idea who this group is, they don’t appear to be an official non-profit.

The money raised is going to FOUR Chosen Non-Profits to advance their missions.

What Four?

This group has a Facebook page:

Nothing on the page says where the money is going.

This document was also attached to the Press Release:  BloNo Kite Fest PressRelease_2019

I emailed the person who sent it two days ago asking what 4 non-profits were getting money.  No response.

There is a hint included in that document:

lpcal glpbalwho got money


  • Sounds like a fun event
  • This group wants to raise money for causes they consider worthy
  • Attendees do not know what those worthy causes are
  • Attendees will not know if any money raised did not go to the four non-profits

Evidently they can’t find out either.

4 thoughts on “Fundraising done wrong

  1. What a very fishy fundraiser to say the least. They say “Here… give us money for a “worthy” cause!” I don’t think WGLT, McBride and his gaggle of lying socialists are “worthy”


  2. HEY! HEY!! Yeah, send ME money and I’d have a “better tomorrow” also. But, better yet, send money to a WORTHY cause like BLNNEWS!!
    Kind of reminds me of those ASPCA commercials where they show an abused animal shivering in the cold, and want YOU to send $20 a month?? WHY don’t THEY quit filming and help the poor critter when THEY’RE standing RIGHT THERE!!

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  3. Hello,
    If you go the the facebook link cited, it has another link to go to the organization’s website, which tells you quite a bit about what it does and where the money is going. Whether an invididual wants to support these efforts is a matter of personal choice, but it does appear that the organization is fairly transparent about what it’s trying to do. My only
    concern is that the organization should be clear and specific about its efforts/charities in its news release, instead of requiring folks figure it out on their own by tracking down the website.


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