Bam! Higher Ed CLUELESS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph Opinion Page continues to be an endless source of entertainment.  Orchestrated Letters to the Editor are claiming voting rights locally have been violated.  The election is more than a year away and normal everyday people are writing letters asking you to vote for their candidate?  Keep in mind:  Repeat a lie often enough and some people will believe it.  We get to hear the lies for more than a year!   The election isn’t until November 2018. 

Sunday a guest editorial cried about attacks on higher education.  Looks like the Pantagraph editor may have even contributed, but it’s hard to tell from the byline.  See the editorial here:

The writers forgot to include they work at ISU.

David Horowitz must really be effective!  He’s blamed for turning public opinion against the indoctrination that’s more than obvious on college campuses.  If you don’t know, Horowitz’s parents (teachers) were members of the Communist Party USA.  After years of calling himself a Marxist and being part of the far left progressive movement, he educated himself.  When Horowitz realized what his side was doing, he walked away and eventually founded the Freedom Center.  Nobody can recognize a Marxist like a guy who used to be one.  That’s why he’s the target of the Editorial.

The story claims professors might lean “slightly left”.  (Stop laughing now).  Martin Luther King would be appalled at the speakers ISU invites to celebrate his work.  King refused to be victim, ISU promotes being a victim.  Social Justice means people who worked for what they have MUST hand it to people who didn’t work for it.  Funny how Social Justice sounds a lot like Marxism.

Politicizing education  is what the writers decry.  I wonder if they know any conservative kids on campus.  There are a couple, but most aren’t.  Remember when conservatives had their posters defaced?   More Hate On The ISU Campus/     and    Hate Is Very Alive In Normal

Maybe the writers missed some recent surveys of college kids:

Many College Students Clueless Constitution

A Chilling Study Shows How Hostile College Students Are Toward Free Speech

The writers also claim nobody teaches at a university to get rich.  Click HERE  to see the MONTHLY pensions of ISU retirees.  Hint:  Former President Bowman is raking in $32,185.46.  The first 50 are all of $10,000 a month.

The story ends with this statement:

Maybe the writers can explain why college kids lined up to vote for Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Do colleges ever teach “Free is Never Free”?

Is a basic understanding of the Constitution required for graduation?  Shouldn’t EVERY citizens have a basic understanding of the document our society is governed by?   The writers of this article would say no.

David Horowitz is just somebody they chose to blame for their demise.  Kids are realizing the cost isn’t worth it anymore.  The fictional rant is good for a few laughs though.  It sounds somewhat like the death squeals of a dying pig.






5 thoughts on “Bam! Higher Ed CLUELESS!

  1. Holy Batman I know many of them on the ISU list and I never had any idea they were getting retirements like that! This is just one state university too.

    I only got to page 6 and it cut me off. Even that made me sick to see monthly retirements in those amounts.

    At one time and it probably still continues where the President and many others get an allowance for a car, clothing, etc. So while they are working they pay nothing for those expenses. I was told it comes out of the Alumni funds and not taxpayer revenue funds. That’s one reason I no longer donate. I just quit answering their calls to donate. My phone is set up for an alert…. ignore this phone call.


    1. Yes, it is pretty sickening, you may not realize they make that much because they probably are often whining how they are retired now and have to cut corners and are struggling etc – it truly makes me sick. It doesn’t make me sick that teachers are paid well, good TEACHERS should be paid a decent wage, but the pensions are a little out of control to say the least and those who simply seek to indoctrinate and not educate should not even be allowed to teach at all on public funds.


  2. Teacher: Can anyone tell me what Social Justice is?
    Diane: Social Justice means any money I earn must be handed over to people who didn’t work for it
    Teacher: No Dianne. Social Justice means working toward a fair and equal society. No matter how much you want it to be a Communist plot, there is benefit in all of us working working to lift those up who are lacking in basic needs like access to education, job-skill training, healthcare, clean water, affordable legal representation, access to churches and places of worship. The list goes on. If the mere though of Social Justice causes you to feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s because you are imaging the people you can help; are people you have criticized in the past.

    Higher education isn’t clueless simply because there is a left-leaning bias. We are are all in a way Conservative or used to certain thoughts and ideas. If you liberate your mind you can form the person closer to yourself. David Horowitz engages in Social Justice. He helped cooked meals, stood vigil at San Quentin, rebuilt homes in El Salvador, opposed child labor. Some of these things the government supports monetarily. So I am not even sure he realizes he supports what he is fighting against on college campuses in his own way.

    I have had professors from both sides. Indoctrination is a buzzword for those who think their own own thoughts are beyond reproach;and often do not consider critical examination of their own opinions. One could say BlnNews is indoctrinating people against ISU.


  3. Poor Sonny, lives in a limited world, loves to use all of the coined phrases and “buzzwords” he’s been taught and loves to try and make it seem as if his way is the high road, that he has the higher moral code and is sooo worldly and wise. Sonny also tries the little trick of trying to get people who do not think like him to come to believe that they are really more like him than they realize, but Sonny doesn’t know that the old tricks are getting old. David Horowitz truly “gets it” maybe Sonny will too…maybe… someday.

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  4. Oh, and that article was dripping with sanctimonious drivel – another thing, sure most of the kids don’t know which way their professors “lean” because they don’t know much of anything, and I don’t mean that in an insulting way, they are simply not very well versed in actualities and reality for the most part and are thus fertile ground so to speak for sowing Socialist/Marxist ideas. This was starting in the early 70s even, I remember it well, endless weeks spent on Marx and Engels, short shrift given to Adam Smith, Ayn Rand etc, but of course no mention that Marx in particular was nothing more than a parasite, who never held a REAL job in his life,so repulsive he even let some of his own children die of starvation and neglect – they never spoke of that…


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